Apologies for the Property Damage




Dear Stockholders of AA Inc.:

I'm writing to apologize for the property damage we caused to the offices of Atomic Accounting, Inc in Skyway City.

True, the offices were filled with Tsoo assassins and your staff were running around in mortal terror. And accidental damage is well within the bounds of our Hero licensed activities. However, I must admit that the damage was somewhat *excessive*, and for that I am sorry.

It's just that when two groups of Tsoo jumped us in the secretarial wing of the building, we decided to pull out all the stops. Grey Pilgrim set the carpet and furniture on fire, the weather witch Tommar invoked a small hurricane, Morathi the Noisemaker caused several minor earthquakes, and I in the confusion may have caused the walls to ooze blood and the netherworldly stench of the grave. I would suggest you use lemon-based cleaners to remove the smell...however considering the damage to the building's structural integrity the remaining odor is probably moot.

I know you'll be happy to hear that no heroes were seriously harmed in this incident, and your now-condemned offices are 100% Tsoo free.

We are available to handle any Tsoo assassin problems you may have in the future, although I will understand if you choose not to employ our services. In conclusion, good luck with that insurance claim.

Sympathetically yours,
Dead Debbie
Dark Defender of Paragon City

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::raises a brow:: Hm, I was curious why that building was smoking and a horrible stench came from it.



Haha, nice



Far be it from me to suggest that you found it necessary to "destroy the office in order to save it"...