A Heroes Limits




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The voice of a young woman echoed through the empty alleys if Kings Row. She was trapped, surrounded by several Skulls.

“Hey baby, don’t be scared… We only want to party with you.”

The woman screamed again, begging for help. The only response was the back of the gang leaders hand as it struck her, sending here to the ground. Almost instantly her face began to swell up from the blow.

“Shut up [censored]… The last thing we need is a cape to ruin our fun.”

The woman continued to sob uncontrollable and the gang members surrounded her. Her eyes franticly darted around searching for some way to escape, something that would help her.

A loud noise from behind the gang would be what she was searching for. The gang members turned to see a large man hidden in the shadows, glowing red eyes fixed on there actions.

“Bah, stupid cape. Take him down boys!”

Three of the gang members rushed into the shadows only to be sent flying back like rag dolls. The remaining gang quickly rushed toward the attackers, shooting there guns into the darkness. The sparks of metal hitting metal confirmed the bullets hit there target.

From the shadow Calash leapt into the air and landed in front of the gang. They stood for a moment in shock staring at the large Cyborg. Calash did not waste any time, punching several of them in a row, sending there bodies flying in all directions. The rest quickly pulled out various weapons and began to strike at the large target. A lucky strike with a sledge hammer sent the hero tumbling to the ground.

“HA!... He ain’t so tough. Send him to the hospital!”

The gang quickly followed the orders of there leader, slashing and smashing the Cyborg as he lay on the ground. One of the members lined up and began to swing his hammer with all his strength, intent on cracking Calash’s head in two. The blow was well aimed, and moved with great speed and power.

Then the hammer stopped, a robotic hand holding the shaft of the weapon. With a small twist the shaft snapped in two, sending the one lethal weapon falling to the ground as nothing more than shattered fragments. A couple of punches later the Cyborg was now standing again and hammering away at the gang. There attacks seemed to do nothing to the giant as he tore into the mob, reducing it to a pile of unconscious bodies. He then turned toward the leader, who was holding the woman with his knife at his neck.

“Stay back or she is dead!”