Guild of Artists




(This post is ooc.)

I realized long ago that much of my gaming is simply an excuse to write short stories, fiddle with fun screenshots, and even make the occasional silly song with an in-game theme. It's an excuse for my creative urges, although I do enjoy the occasional power-levelling session as well.

Anyway, I'm no longer in denial, and I'd love to team up more with those of you who did put some work behind your backstories, and can't help being dragged into the world of your heroes.

Ergo, I have started a Super Group by the name Guild of Artists on Infinity. The name's a bit pretentious, I know, but it was short and to the point.

More importantly, I have set up a web forum where we can share stories and other creations. Non-members and players on other servers are equally welcome to post their things there.
Guild of Artists Forum

Just go over there and register if you're interested. If you want to join the Super Group Guild of Artists, send me a private message on the board (name's Kronocide there too).

If you're curious, you can check out some of my Anarchy Online things here. My one claim to fame is that the story about Willy Snelton resulted in a series of in-game items: the mitaar string instruments.