Origin of Mamon <Champion Server>




Mamon opened his eyes slowly - the light that flooded his vision was intense and strangely familiar. This was the second time he found himself regaining consciousness after a massive battle, but this was different. This time he won.

The realization hit him like brimstone. The light was the sun, and the smell was of air! He had broke free from his prison to the realm of man. He laughed, but his laughter was cut short as the light disappeared and a familiar silhouette was before him. Mamon knew who this was before he even felt his oppressorÂ’s blade under his chin.

"Are you here to welcome me Michael?"

"I know, Demon Lord, that you have no recollection of how you got here. Unfortunately neither do I, but rest assured I will find out once I find Uriel."

"And until then? I can already feel my powers returning to me." Mamon couldn't see the expression on the angel's face but he was sure a slow smile began to blossom there.

"Until then Blighter of Souls? Heh, until then your powers will wax and wane based on the karmic chant I placed upon you. The more good you do, the stronger you will get, and the more evil, well you understand." Mamon's rage grew and his fists clenched but the Captain of the Arch Angel's blade pressed harder into this throat. "Does that anger you? I know you well once-brother. Your nature tends towards power more than evil so this will be an interesting experiment indeed."

"I defeated the Giants at John's Gate and was Lord Captain of the Guardians..."

"Unfortunately all your exploits were stricken from the book the day you sided with the Betrayer - pity. I hope you enjoy your existence here. The mortals now look to these beings called 'Super Heroes' for salvation. With your interesting abilities joining their ranks to save humanity should be simple... I'll be watching."

With that the sun again shone on Mamon's face, and he turned his face to the west were a large human city rose from the earth. Growing powerful was his goal. If he was to accomplish this by aiding the helpless humans he would do so, until he found a way to break the archangel's enchantment.