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Everyday Heroes: Eye on City Hall

One can't stroll around the city without being overshadowed by magnificent statues of superbeings in flight or posing with the city skyline as a backdrop. These statues remind us of the sacrifices made for the sake of our safety while also remimding us of the dangers we still face every day. However, Paragon City is home to more heroes than just the costumed crusaders of concrete or spandex.

Every day, ordinary citizens are working to keep Paragon the first city of the nation. Firefighters, paramedics, security officers, law enforcement officers, schoolteachers... the list goes on. People who care and work hard for us but don't make headlines with glossy pictures are as essential to our future as those in masks and tights.

In this week's segment of our ongoing series Everyday Heroes, this newshound will interview one such concerned and hardworking citizen - our very own Congressman Victor Hathaway.

Rep. Hathaway, chair of the National Superhero and Security Coordination committee, is a self-made man who worked his way through college and law school. He's been active in the community, has taken many pro bono cases for the injured poor and currently holds the chairmanship of the Paragon Bar Association Council for Constitutional Authenticity. Rep. Hathaway is working closely with several committees looking into the safety of the homeless and impoverished on the streets and his office was also instrumental in structuring the new Office of Superhuman Registration. He's educated, driven, and if this reporter can say so, a really sharp dresser. Perhaps someday Paragon will put one of its own in the White House and Rep. Hathaway is a promising candidate.

I'm sure our readers are eager to find out what issues he'll address and will be looking at next and how better to support someone who shares our interests.

The Interview will be conducted May 23, Sunday at 5pm EST in City Hall, Atlas Park.

-Laine Harper Paragon Times

[Future Corps, a Supergroup on Freedom will begin a roleplayed storyline that will have public events of a political nature. People are welcome to listen or even participate in an appropriate manner. If anyone is interested in playing bit parts of citizens, businessmen, councilmen, patrons, shadowy figures please email me on this forum. We'd love to have you.]



OOC- Only on Freedom?

Gravotus regretfully closes the newspaper noting he has an appointment with a contact during that time....



[Ed - The storyline is on Freedom only. I would love to have people who wish to spend 15 minutes or an hour to play someone that wishes to get involved in the storyline as there are plenty of opportunities. This will be ongoing. The Interview will be recorded and written up the following week for people to follow. There will then be another comment on it which will lead to another roleplay event the following week this time perhaps with a few things that a particular supergroup will have to react to. There will be a background and mood set then adventures to follow if all goes well.

The group of heroes will have reporters make public their exploits for the edification of others and to raise interest and awareness on the server for possible joint stories or teaming.]



Paragon Times
Appearing in Section B Paragon Politics
Eye on Everyday Heroes
Column by Laine Harper (AP)

Laine Harper: Good afternoon, Congressman - I am Laine Harper, with the Paragon Times
Victor Hathaway: Good afternoon Ms. Harper. It's wonderful to meet you at last, I was very excited when one of the Councilmen here connected me to your office for an appointment! I've been a fan of your Everyday Heroes column
Laine Harper: Likewise! Thank you for taking the time to speak with me
Victor Hathaway: How long have you been on the Times staff?
Laine Harper: Oh, not very long, really... A little less than a year. It's been... an adjustment, getting used to this city and all of its superbeings
Victor Hathaway: Well you've done an excellent job so far you must have a nice reader group. Yes you could say they are coming out of the woodwork here.
Laine Harper: And the sky, the sewers, the park...Well, if you're ready? Let's begin with an introduction...
Laine Harper: Describe your agendas and tell me a little bit about yourself
Victor Hathaway: Alright, I'm one of the state representatives and a native of Paragon itself. I consider most of my constituents to also be your reader base. On the Hill I am in several congressional committees, Ways and Means, Health and Welfare, Education and am now chairing a new taskforce on Superhero and National Security Coordination. I have helped many grass root campaigns in cities like Paragon start Superhuman Registration programs to Coordinate Security Protocols
Laine Harper: And what kinds of work do you carry out for the Supergroup Registration committee?
Victor Hathaway: I'm glad you asked. What is done doesn't seem like much, it was a lot more work researching it and getting the information out through my office. Its simple though, heroes that wish to band together, ostensibly to be more effective and to liaison with official city representatives like the fire dept and the police and register so their names can be accessed when we have large problems that their talents might help.
Victor Hathaway: It also allows us to integrate with community medical services to help them, a win-win situation really.
Laine Harper: Are these groups obliged to assist you when you call for help, as you put it? Can they be legally compelled to do so? Or is it just asking for afavor?
Victor Hathaway: Well I don't think that situation was really envisioned at the start. Its not quite like the draft, but I'm sure all citizens and heroes would be concerned and want to help if say the Rikti came back, don't you think? Basically its like a blackbook of available crime fighting dates for our law enforcement branch to use.
Laine Harper: As a resident, I'd sure like to think so!

Laine Harper: What vision do you have for the future of the nation's current supergroup registration programs and especially here in Paragon? Any changes you'd like to see?
Victor Hathaway: Well I expect all heroes will want to be in a group in order to get the best backing for municipal, state and federal services. Ideally rogue heroes will feel left out in the cold and be more inclined to come to their local City Hall to find out where our troubles will be. I think we're breaking some ground here and other cities might see the wisdom in doing it this way. A place for heroes to go where they know they can find jobs and services and a place where citizen's know which heroes are legitimate.
Laine Harper: Just to backtrack a moment...
Laine Harper: You used an interesting phrase... "rogue hero"... What exactly is a rogue hero, in your estimation?
Victor Hathaway: yes that's right, vigilante really, something not just heroe's are prone to of course
Laine Harper: So you really meant to say "rogue superbeing". And just like the police discourage ordinary citizens from taking the law into their own hands the same would be true for the heroes. An excellent correction, thank you Ms. Harper.
Victor Hathaway: I certainly don't mean to alienate our good supergroups
Laine Harper: So, it's fair to say that not all superbeings out there fighting crime alone are "rogues"
Victor Hathaway: Well obviously not, there are those that have registered with us and those who will be registering with us, they get our full support for the dangerous work they do
Laine Harper: Thank you for that clarification
Victor Hathaway: We are going to be starting a media campaign encouraging those heroes who might not know the program to register, we get a lot of foreigners in.
Laine Harper: Certainly - they come from all over the world to be here in Paragon City.

Laine Harper:Moving on... What are your own personal attitudes toward Paragon City's super-powered population?
Laine Harper: Is the city better off with them here? Are they needed? Or just helpful?
Victor Hathaway: Well they are certainly helpful. I can't think what being enslaved by an alien race would be like and I'm glad we're not. There have been studies though saying the high amount of heroes might attract certain types of personalities that make life a lot more dangerous to us.

Laine Harper: Do you think that the city's law enforcement is capable of defending the populace from the various criminal organizations that dwell here?
Victor Hathaway: Well we've gotten a lot more intelligent on crime fighting then in our grandfather's day, our boys in the force lay down their lives every day.
Laine Harper: Of course.
Victor Hathaway: However, there are situations though that need extraordinary firepower, frankly a hero is cheaper then a weapons system.
Laine Harper: Spoken like a true public servant.
Victor Hathaway: We do have to be wary of collateral damage though.
Laine Harper: Has that been a real issue here?
Victor Hathaway: We can't have citizen's property being destroyed callously. Oh yes, you're new here Ms. Harper, but whole areas of the nation's first city have been rendered dangerous or disaster areas. I'd advise you to stay away from them.
Victor Hathaway: Perhaps I could show you around sometime with some security.
Laine Harper: Certainly, I'd be delighted.
Victor Hathaway: I think there will always be a place for those beings that want to put their powers to service for the good of everyone and we will do all we can to make sure they get essential services they need. And the easiest way to do that, is to register.

Laine Harper: Are you close friends with any superheroes at this time?
Victor Hathaway: I know several of course, why I probably know more superheroes then anyone in the country because of the registration drives.
Laine Harper: I ask because, the relationship between the city fathers and the large population of superbeings who live here is naturally of great concern to the residents of the city and elsewhere I would expect.
Victor Hathaway: It certainly is, its essential that the relationship is clear to both parties so Paragon and all municipalities can work effectively
Laine Harper: Those examples are of course set by you and the other civil servants currently in public ofice.
Victor Hathaway: I think the citizens of Paragon can rest assured their representatives are doing everything they can to protect their interests and give them a safe place to live.

Laine Harper: Let me ask you quickly...
Laine Harper: Just your initial reaction to the idea of having a superhero hold high public office, say, President. How would you react to that?
Infinite Man: theyd never allow that...
Victor Hathaway: Well that's a great whatif...
Laine Harper: Certainly, and there are some who have expressed an interest
Red Fist: any1 no whats going down at city hall?
Cowboy: Not a thing.
D92.eXM: its an interview
Laine Harper: There might be a future President in this room right now...
Victor Hathaway: I think this country is great in that it gives opportunities to anyone, and greater in the citizens electing those who are like them and can serve their interests.
Victor Hathaway: If a superbeing meets that criteria then I say well done Mr. or Ms. President.
Laine Harper: So, you'd be happy to see that happen?
Victor Hathaway: I'm pleased if anyone of proper skills and interests in helping the people get into that office.
Laine Harper: Fair enough

Laine Harper: Let's return to the larger issues...
Laine Harper: Tell me about the future of Paragon City and its superhero population... where do see things, say, ten years down the line?
Laine Harper: Will all of the city's heroes be registered?
Victor Hathaway: I sure hope so, just like citizens need to register to drive, own a business, build a house or vote all heroes should be registered so we can work together for Paragon's future.
Laine Harper: The question of compulsory service among superbeings has come up before, even here in Paragon City. How do you feel about a law mandating that heroes spend some time in local law enforcement? As, say, a requirement to register? Victor Hathaway: Well I spend time doing pro bono cases in the law firm I worked in or offering to teach at some of the colleges here. We'd all love to believe everyone would want to do community service. Sometimes though, to be organized we have to make some hard choices.
Laine Harper: If this were to be put to a vote, would you vote for, or against it?
Victor Hathaway: If the police have protocols and are responsible legally for damages and peoples rights heroes should consider that as well
Victor Hathaway: I think a vote for it, if it is worded with the best intentions in mind, is a vote for a secure and safe society.

Laine Harper: Let's close the interview, then, with two quick questions: First, if you suddenly awoke to find that you had superpowers, which superpowers would you want?
Victor Hathaway: I think the power to know who will win the world series.
Laine Harper: That's easy enough - the Paragon City Privateers!
Victor Hathaway: I see you're a woman of taste.
Laine Harper: Lastly...

Laine Harper: Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers, in closing?
Victor Hathaway: Yes next weekend I have been asked to address the citizens to discuss the Taskforce for SuperHero Coordination and National Security goals and what we propose to do about it.
Laine Harper: Oh? Will that be happening here?
Victor Hathaway: Yes it will, City Hall on Saturday there will be a press release on it. Everyone should be involved in making their city the best and most secure
Laine Harper: Ah, we'll be sure to publish that, I think that's something we can all agree on.
Laine Harper nods
Victor Hathaway: I'll let the press secretary put out the dates.
Laine Harper: Congressman, thank you again for your time - it's been a pleasure
Victor Hathaway: Perhaps we can agree also that open communication should always be there.
Laine Harper: That's why I got into reporting in the first place!
Victor Hathaway: We can all be greateful for that Ms. Harper.
Laine Harper: Anytime you'd like to arrange that tour, I'll make myself available.



Paragon Times
Appearing in Section B Paragon Politics

Special Events and Notices

Congressman Victor Hathaway Speaks out on Supergroups.

The Chair of the Taskforce on National Superhero and Security Coordination and liaison with the Special Council on Super Human Activities will be speaking at City Hall in Atlas Park Saturday, May 29, at 9pm EST/8pm CST/7pm MST/6pm PST.

Draftsman for much of the recent legislation on Supergroups, Rep. Victor Hathaway will unveil the plans for future federal legislation that will no doubt impact Paragon greatly.

The speech is free and open to the public and if time permits the Congressman will entertain questions by the press and public.

-Emilio Rodriguez