The lost home




I am a Watcher of Worlds.

Usually I only contain myself to this one, as it is my prime responsibility... but when peoples from another world began circling this one, I felt I needed to expend some of my will to see where they came from.

Adun was a large, dense world. It seemed perfect to sustain a massive and advanced culture. And when I chanced to view it... it looked as if it once had.
The massive ruins of cities spread far and wide gave me a mere glimps of how great indeed this world once was. And I tasted the air and felt the vile stench that was the remains of a Rikti invasion. Even centuries old, I could feel the taint in the very soul of thier world. I almost wept at the lingering aura of pain and destruction. I had no doubt this world did well for themselves. And perhaps that is why we were able to hold the Rikti here. They lost so many to this place.
I came back to our little blue and green world and felt the charge of life that swept through the currents here. It was still a place of life. It was a place that had strength.

I glanced cautiously again at these Adunis. They reeked of hatered and vengence. So deep there was no word from this world to describe it. I feared then greatly at what thier intentions were.

I availed myself to meet them and find out... to risk myself in this world was occasionaly something I had to do in order to see what the outcome would be. I hated myself, knowing that as a watcher I could do no more than ask questions, regardless of thier intent, and do nothing more.

Lo'Tok and Dor'Tok, the Battle Lord and Fire Lord. My trip from thier world and back had given them the time to assimilate our language enough.

I came into thier ship and was confronted quickly by two hulking Robots.. no, cyborgs. They trained their weapons on me by pure insticnt and drive to protect themselves and thier people from my unknown threat.

The Fire Lord came upon me and asked me in his own tounge to "Bring forth my intent and bow down to thier will"

I let them believe I did not understand and made him struggle with our language..
"Please to ask why you are here, and do you mean violence?"

The concept that thier translation was so vastly different made me shudder.

Our conversation was long and halting, as I would not give up my advantage of knowing what they said between them, unaware I understood.

Their homeworld had been ultimately crushed by the Rikti, though it cost them dearly. The remaining Adunis scattered, seeking retribution and to find if others had survived as they had. They had come to learn the Riktis' remaining force came here, and was defeated. While they seemed somewhat impressed, their language gave a hint that they know it was thier war that aided us here.
Once they had gleaned from me that the Rikti were still interested in this world, immediatley the decision was made to stay and fight for this world. To collect more Adunis and finish off the invaders.

I pray they bring the force to ensure victory for the inevitable return of the Rikti