Seeking help for fleshing out a rp based SG idea




Greetings! A friend approached me with the idea of making a roleplaying based supergroup, and that he wanted it somewhat based around fighting the Rikti.

So I run through some ideas and throw out most of them due to our core group of three being of different origins, etc.

Finally, I hit on the idea of all of us being orphaned, either from a viewpoint of the family actually being dead, to those who can never go home again due to their mutant-ness, to those who were created by some soulless corporation and never had a family to start with.

The tentative name would be (removed due to the cautions below).

Anyone have any ideas for fleshing this out more? Problems with this as a basis?

Thank you in advance,
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Tentative name or not you better go register it RIGHT NOW or some jerk-off is going to.. just to piss you off. This message board is riddled with meanies.



Do you picture this to be a government run organization? Either way, a military type group comes to mind. Either a newly formed special forces team or a group of citizens training to be partisans when the Rikti return and dominate the lazy and complacent government forces.



Aye I agree with the "military aspect" of the group... almost like a Super Hero "A" Team!

And I think that everyone in the group should have some specific reason to hate the Rikti... or, they could even just want to study them more and that's why they joined up.

I like the orphan idea, too. It's a good common factor. Sly is an orphan himself an can sympathize.

My suggestion is... since I don't know the name, the group's ranking names could be.

Foster (member)
Adopted (captain)
Artful Dodger (leader)

Just a little thing off the top of my head, of course...

If you wanted to ignore the orphan aspect of the group and focus on the Rikti military aspect, you could try...


These last three I'm not REALLY happy about as I'm rushing to get back to work!



Interesting ideas from both of you... the idea has certainly been used in fiction of deliberately seeking out those who have no ties and molding them into a force to be used... hrm, makes me wonder if there should be someone on the team who knows we have "strings" being pulled. (Which, really, I don't think would be my character, at least not my main one. Wood nymphs are not really into that kind of thing.)

I'll keep working on it.




what you do is not be sure what happened at all. everyone just awoke from odd pods durring or after the rekki war in boomtown or faultline. wreckage surronding you showing evidence of a fire. a few charred bodies surrounding the pods with in the wrecked room, even a few other pods line the walls destroid due to the fire. Only one small part of a symbol on one wall survives. with the word "xxxxx" the name of your supergroup.



Thank you all again - the supergroup The Survivors now is up and running for business, albeit with three "real" members and double that with alternate characters. Officers are Silicoid and Hamadryad, soon to add Limit.

We have gone with both the isolated from anything kind of attitude AND it is secretly military run. At some point I'll start having meetings of all members who have military backgrounds, I think.

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