Origin of Brother Earth




Spawned from a time of when magic and might ruled the world, Mother Nature was once a presence felt by man through all living things around us. As the years have passed and as man's need for technology has increased, more and more of Mother Nature's domain has been destroyed and its resources pilfered to make way for cities and roads for man's convenience. As more structures are built, more and more of the planets resources and wildlife are being destroyed. With each precious resource gone, so goes the once strong life source of Mother Nature who has grown weaker and weaker by the decade. Her time is almost at an end.

As if almost laughing in mother natures face, man celebrates it latest feat of so called civilization, Paragon City. A city once gleaming and glorious on the outside. Built upon the endless counts of toxic waste, this city has been an emanating source for evil and unnatural forces. Paragon City has attempted to counter this evil by deploying heroes to defend its boundaries, but to no avail. It seems that as evil is defeated; twice fold evil is spawned in its place. This evil spreads like the plague and destroys every living thing it comes into contact with. A sadness looms over Mother Nature as it comes to pass that man has created his own doom and without help this world shall perish. With the last of her once great energy, Mother Nature searches her soul for the wisdom to do what must be done. Mother nature reaches across the plains, across the oceans, across the mountains to a far distant land unknown to man and unharmed from his destruction. There stands a unique thing of beauty, the last of his kind, almost as old as the ages, the last of the ancient redwood.

This redwood feels the sadness seeping from Mother Nature and understands that his time has come. With all her last energy, Mother Nature calls upon the sky to rain upon this great tree and bestow upon it the last of her great powers. The great Redwood arches his branches towards sky as a sign of acceptance of this great honor. As the rain falls down, the sky darkens, thunder roars and lighting crashes. The rain has stopped, the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining a beam on the ground where the great redwood used to be. Now in its place is a form more common to the shape of man, but nothing like man has ever seen. Brother Earth! The defender of the planet.

Bound with the powers of Earth Control and Storm Summoning, this great force has been release to set the balance against the battle of evil in paragon city. As mother nature fades in the earth that she once protected and kept strong, she whispers through the winds her last words of light for earths new defender, “Go forth and bring balance to the world, bring light where there is darkness, bring goodness where there is evil and Nay shall you dare rest till this worlds troubles has been set to peace, I bid thee with the life in my last breath, Brother Earth, Save the world”. As the winds die down, Brother Earth reaches out with his soul to feel the earth, nothing. She is gone. He arches back and roars with a might that is heard for miles. With anger fueled in his veins, Brother earth begins his journey to paragon city. Evil beware.

Brother Earth
Mutation Controller
Level 7
Victory Server



Cool story! What is your take on the Devouring Earth? Do you see them as your allies or as enemies? Overall, I like your origin, Brother_Earth !

Nova Girl--Science/Tanker 15 on Virtue!



Thanks ->

The Devouring Earth? hmm let me see.. I can sum that up in 2 words..

Devour.. Earth..

HELLO... hehehe

I haven't heard much of their true cause but there's something about their name (i just can't put my finger on it) that tells me they probably won't be over for a glass of green tea. darn..