Targetting allies




Greetings. Here is a simple question that I hope someone can answer. I have been playing around with the /bind command and one of the binds I have made is to "target nearest enemy". I find that really handy to be able to target whoever is closest to my Blaster so I can get the enemy out of my face.

With my Defender however I would like to target other players to see if they need healing. So my question is: Is there a key in the game already to target nearest ally (not someone in a team, just target ANY player)? Or is there a way to set this up using /bind?





Good post. I would like to know this too.



Look to the thread on this forum with the unofficial "bind" faq. That FAQ explains this quite well.



Target farthest friend. A friend is any friendly player or pet, not just teammates.

Target nearest friend

Target next farther friend from your current target (wraps)

Target next nearer friend from your current target (wraps)

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Cool! Thanks.

When I tried it myself, I was using the word "ally" instead of "friend".