The Origin of Nova Girl!! (Ch. 1)




Hey everybody! I'm having a blast at this game and I thought I would try my hand at posting my characters origin story. I would appreciate hearing comments/feedback/(constructive) criticism! This is my second MMORPG and my first attempt at posting an origin story! Let me know what you think and if you would like to hear more about the thrilling origin of Nova Girl!

Christina was halfway to her bus stop when the rain started. The clouds rolled in with almost unnatural speed and thick, heavy raindrops began to fall from the sky. Holding her book bag over her head to keep off some of the deluge, Christina ran for Newman Hall Physics Building in order to wait out the downpour.
This late at night, the building was mostly deserted, with the exception of a few custodial staff and some instructors working late. Christina entered the deserted lobby and took a seat on an uncomfortable looking plastic bench.
“They must work pretty hard to make these benches this uncomfortable, “ she muttered to herself. Sighing, she began to rummage through her bag to make sure nothing important got too wet. Finding everything reasonably dry, she turned her attention back to the weather outside.
The rain was still coming down hard and fast, and showed no signs of letting up. A storm this violent was unusual in Paragon City, which was usually blessed with excellent weather. Leaving her bag and coat on the bench, Christina approached the glassed in atrium of the lobby. “Hey, maybe the weather got so bad because some super-hero is out there summoning it! That must be it! Maybe it’s Weather Witch or the Fog!” An avid fan of Paragon City’s many super-heroes, Christina pressed her face to the glass and peered eagerly out into the storm, but no super-hero was to be seen.
Finally, Christina gave up on seeing one of her many super-heroic idols and began to pace around the lobby. Checking her watch she realized that if the rain didn’t stop soon she would have to brave the storm or miss the 11:15 bus to Galaxy City and have to wait for the 11:45. “I’m not going out in that mess! I guess I’ll have to wait it out.”
Against one wall were several vending machines and Christina realized she was starting to get hungry. “I was gonna grab a salad when I got home, but I guess a candy bar can’t hurt that much.” Approaching the machine, Christina sighed, “Here goes my diet! Again! I have absolutely NO willpower! At this rate, I’m never gonna lose those 20 pounds!” Digging into her pocket, she put in her change and selected a pack of chocolate chip cookies, which were definitely not an approved part of her diet. With a whir, the machine started to dispense the cookies, but the pack got caught on the edge and wouldn’t fall.
“ARRGGHH!!” she shouted and began to knock on the glass to try and dislodge the cookies. “I HATE these machines!! That was the last of my cash too!!” She tried to move the machine, hoping to dislodge the cookies, but it was too heavy. Finally giving up, she rested her head on the glass front of the machine and sighed, “What else can go wrong!”

Quentin Power was hard at work in his lab in the Newman Building. It didn’t matter to him that his work was illegal and would cost him his tenure if any Paragon City University officials found out what he was up to. All that mattered was results.
Quentin Power had been the youngest Physics professor in Paragon City University’s history and had come within a hairsbreadth of winning a Nobel Prize at the age of 25. Unfortunately that had been 25 years ago, and now he was just one of many world- renowned instructors on campus. Instead of spending his time doing research, he wasted his time teaching students who would never have a fraction of the talent he did and watching people with half of his intelligence get promoted over him time and again.
So, when Crey Industries had approached him, he had only been too eager to jump at the chance to show them his skills. Apparently, one of their science teams had stumbled across an unidentified alien device and they wanted him to use the University’s Quantum Microscope to examine it. The device was clearly Rikti in origin and had most likely been lost during their recent attempted invasion, which had done so much damage to Paragon City and the world. Unfortunately for Crey Industries, Paragon City possessed the only QM in the world and they were reluctant to let a corporation with a reputation like Crey Industries borrow it. Professor Power had no such compunctions however.
“Stasis field holding at 70%”, Power noted into his pocket recorder. “I am increasing the power output on the QM to 60 % and reducing the stasis field to 60% to see if I can get a more accurate reading on the proton/anti-proton interactivity.” The professor made some adjustments on the QM control board and examined the results. “My preliminary analysis is that the device is some form of energy storage device. I am unable to get accurate readings on the type of energy, even with the QM. I can only surmise that this is a previously unknown wavelength of energy.” Power was barely able to keep the excitement from his voice. A discovery of this magnitude would assure him a place in the history books for generations to come as well as numerous lucrative grants and contracts!

Far above Paragon City, the mysterious, mystical weather-controlling super-hero named The Fog was engaged in heavy combat with a Rikti War Drone. So far, the ferocious storm she had summoned was keeping the Drone at bay, but she wasn’t having any luck in harming the device itself. Like highly skilled dancers, the two enemies gracefully weaved and dodged through the storm. “I’ve got to finish this thing, before it finishes me!” The Fog thought and summoned the lightning to her and went on the offensive. The Rikti Drone reeled at the onslaught, but continued firing. A wild bolt almost struck The Fog, but she dodged the blast. However, her concentration slipped just the slightest bit….

Christina was peering out of the lobby windows again when the bolt struck. A bright flash of light, followed immediately by a deafening thunderclap knocked her to the floor. The air smelled of ozone and static. “Jeepers! That one must’ve been close!” she said, although she couldn’t hear herself speak through the ringing in her ears. Suddenly, the lights flickered once, then again and went out.
In his lab in the basement, professor Power didn’t hear or see the lightning strike, but he could certainly see the results. Power indicators and status bars began to light up all over the QM. “NO! Power levels dropping! Stasis field collapsing! The device is going to….”
A roiling, chaotic ball of alien energy erupted from the device and engulfed the lab, the professor and a sizable portion of the building, including Christina. Expanding beyond the confines of the building, the force of the explosion shattered windows for several blocks and set off car and store alarms even farther away…..

To Be Continued