I seriously need an unlisted number...




Ok, it's fine and dandy to have a plethora of friends. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I go out of my way to "make friends and influence people..."

But I gotta say... don't these comms they give us at City Hall have an "away" feature? Maybe perhaps a "Busy fighting crime, leave a message so I don't have to answer you right away and die..."

In the time it takes for me to figure out how to switch to the channel whoever someone is calling me on, by glancing down at my belt control, I can get spread out like so much butter on bread by an eager Freak excited to show all his Freak Friends back home he landed a hero!

I mean, the voice-mail (e-mail) feature is great, but... I don't think even HALF my friends know it's there! And what, they can only leave me a voicemail when I'm asleep at my apartment? What's up with that? And why doesn't it even beep when I get one? I find I can go days without even checking the blasted thing...

And please don't tell me that you can honestly just ignore the pleading voice of your friend on the other line "Hey you there? Hey, you there? What are you up to? Hello? <sniff> What you hate me now? Is that it? I thought we were friends, man... I thought you CARED! How COULD YOU?? HOW COULD YOU!!!?????" ... ...


...ok well maybe that's a BIT over the top, but you get my point right? Either I answer my poor chum, or I look like a heel. Even if I just say "busy, can't talk" I'm still gonna get the attitude from them:

"Oh? Can't talk? Yet you just did now..? Hmmm?"

These Pencil Pushers programming for Paragon's Protectors have really got to get their minds wrapped around the fact that seconds mean life and death to us!

I don't know... maybe I should just "lose" my little comm/display... ask for a new one, and then not give out my number...

At least that way I'll stop getting those gods be d*m*ed telemarketers... I mean, how many subscriptions to the Perez Park Press do I need for Liberty's Sake...?

-Agitated in Atlas
The Sly Fox



Don't worry. I wont call you again.



Not YOU Deth!! I have you on special ALERT!!!

Deth, you are just too sensitive. Come on Milady... I thought you were much tougher than that!



Dear Agitated,

Do you have any orange juice? Hee hee.




Big Guy, you can call me up for orange juice even when I'm in the midst of the Tsoo... up to my armpits in sorcs.