Paragon Gazette <<a Virtue periodical>>




Paragon’s Questions
Eleanor Hywater

Many believe Paragon is the greatest megalopolis the world has seen in centuries. Others would argue that it is nothing more or less than a war zone, a breeding ground for the criminal elite and a battleground with the innocent, you and I, caught in the crossfire. In this reporter’s mind, the former have something to gain from the daily goings on of the city and the latter just don’t live here. We, the innocent, the men and women who call Paragon home, know it to be both battleground and beautiful, a combination of the two that is greater than its parts. Every minute of every day there is a hero somewhere in the city fighting so we may live our lives, work our jobs, take care of our families. We see them crisscrossing each other in the streets in the light of day and among the shadows of night. We watch them do battle in our alley ways, on our rooftops and in our skies and we ask the same questions: Why Paragon? Where did they come from, these Bones and
Thorns, these clockwork killers and Nazi storm troopers? When did it all start? How do we make it stop?
For whatever reason the worst of the worst have declared war on our fine city, we have called for help, and that call has been answered by the greatest among us. I, as do all of you, read the papers, listen to the news of the day, look out my window and watch as the scale tips from good to evil and back again, but I no longer bother with a head full of questions. I’ve narrowed it down to two: Who will win and when?
The crash of the corruption of chaos against the rule of law echoes along the corridors of Paragon. To profiteers it is a sweet song. To outsiders it is a horrible din. To us, it is the soundtrack to our lives and to orchestrate victory on the side of law, we must do something more than ask questions; we must find their answers. It is why I took this job. When we do this we no longer just live and work here, we join the ranks of those mighty defenders of law and good. We become part of the life and breath of this city of heroes.