Tales of Heroes{RP}




1.Post description Please guys, post your character's description at the top of each on topic post.
2.No 'uber-powerfull' guys I never had this poroblem on this board, but on other forums, players would make god powerfull characters taht had demon blood in their veins. Please don't. Please.
3.Say Off-Topic on off topic posts This is so we don't get confused.
4.Post once a week at the least This is so I know who's still playing. If you feel you can no longer continue, PM me and I'll write a death scene for you, or write the death scene yourself.
5.No offensive language unless totally neccesary. Some people get offended by language.
6.No flaming If you or another player get into an argument, please don't flame on the boards.
7.Do not kill important PC created NPC This is just an act of courtesy.
8.Do not kill PC You can wound them, but please do not kill them. If you do, I WILL write you out.
9.Most importantly... have fun!
What is Tales of Hereos? Tales of Hereos is a roleplaying thread set in the City of Hereos universe. Of course, concidering the fact that I posted in the CoH forum, you probably already know that.

OK, I'll get straight down to buisness. I've been whanting to post a Superhero RP for a while. So, I finnaly got the guts to do it!

I already posted the rules above. These are rules I used in all of my previous RP's, and they haven't failed me. Yet.
There is only one more thing for me to type before I'm done-how I prefer for your character's bio to be written:

Name: Self Explanatory
Age: Once again, self-explanatory
Origin: The origin of your hereos powers. Don't type how you're hero got his/her powers-you'll do that in the Biography.
Powers: Your hereo's powers.
Biography: You're character's history. Mainly how you're hero got his/her powers. Other information is optional. At least three paragraphs.

Well, that's it. I'll write the opening sequence when at least four join.



((OOC)) Well, I've been meaning to get into some RP in this game, so here I go:

Name: Haunt
Real Name: Ian Gabriel
Age: 26
Origin: Mutation
Powers: Dark Melee/Dark Armor, powers stem from a semi-sentient shadow that surrounds his body
Bio: Ian Gabriel was born in a small town in the northeast. Though he appeared normal at birth, he was nearly a month overdue, and was unusually pale. Tests also showed his metabolism was slightly below average, though both of these anomalies were attributed to the extremely late birth. At puberty, his mutations began to manifest, slowing his metabolism to a halt, causing him to lose his hair, giving his eyes a glowing red property, and changing his skin to a dull, purple color. He was able to complete his junior year of high school, but ran away from home soon after, seeking to learn the source of his mutation.
He hitchhiked across the US seeking answers. During this time, his body continued to change, and two sets of bony spikes grew from his shoulders (his bones were the last part of his body to slow down to the almost non-existent pace of his metabolism, causing the excess bone growth to protrude around his shoulders). Eventually, his travels lead him into the Arizona desert, where he met an ancient martial-arts master. The old man was able to notice the strange power held within Ian's body, and took him on as a pupil. Ian trained under him for 3 years, and just before his master formally completed Ian's training, some of his old associates returned and murdered him: he was an ex-hit man of a criminal organization, who had quit in disgust years ago. During the assassination, Ian's powers fully manifested, and a swirling, flowing body of shadow surrounded him, hiding him from the assassins long enough for him to be able to escape.
Ian left the home soon after burying his master, seeking revenge. He traveled around the country, following leads, and, after visiting his home for the holiday season of 1999 to catch up with his family, reached Paragon City. After arriving, he was able to kill his master's murderers, at some point being branded as the Haunt- an angry spirit seeking revenge- by the organization the killers worked for. In retribution, the organization that Haunt's master's assassins worked for murdered Ian's parents. Haunt convinced the rest of his family to move out west, and continues to search for the people that killed his parents and master, hoping to someday take the whole mysterious organization down.



Great, now I guess it's time for me to post
Name: Psitron
Real Name: David Oristen
Age: 23
Origin: A battlesuit codenamed PSITRON that he developed for Crey Industries.
Powers: Manipulation of atmoic energy
Bio: David Oristen without a past-for Crey Industreis took it all away. He was born to a regular Protestant family in Urban Boston. But he excelled greatly in all of his subjects, especially Science. Mr. and Mrs. Orsiten were very proud of their son, expecting him to graduate from some high class college like Harvard.

David was what you would call a science-fiction fanboy as well. The idea of mechanical suits fascinated him. He wanted to actually develip a real-life battlesuit.

After garduating from college, David presented his idea to the head of project development at Crey Industreis. David's propsition was to create a battle suit capable of wielding atomic energy at a mass level witrhout harming the user. David was provided founding and the project began.

The project was finished in 2003, but at a terrible loss. David discovered some of the terribe techniques Crey used to make their personnel work. When he refused to continue development on the Suit, Crey threatened to kill him and his family. So, David worked on.

But, Crey killed David's parents, and sent their soilders to do the same to David. David doned his battlesuit, and destroyed the entire Crey complex he was working at.

David's location is now unknown, but it's possible that he, and the PSITRON battlesuit is in Paragon City.