My little attempt at a fanfic! Pls read :D




This is a rather satirical piece inspired by my latest mission, which i thought was pretty harsh to the lost.

DISCLAIMER: My char Cinderella is lovely, this is just a bit of fun. Also i dunno wot the power Fallout is like but its just wot i make it in this story

The scrounger huddled over the burning fire with his brethren for warmth. With society turning its back on them this was the only place left where he could be accepted for what he was. Experimenting in drugs had begun to have strange effects on his body, but he’d take anything to block out the pain. The fire began to behave strangely, something wasn’t right he thought……

Cinderella entered the building, turning her nose up at the immense stench that assailed her as she walked through the doors. Ushering her fellow band of heroes in she looked once more at her briefing. Arrest these squatters and reclaim the shell of the building, in the name of a business in the Canyon. She walked into the first office, there was a fire burning in the corner with the scum huddled over it. The flickering flames cast disfigured shadows over the walls. Motioning for her group to be quiet she smiled, anticipating her first move.


Suddenly the flame leapt around the lost. Amazed as the fire seemingly was being possessed the scrounger leapt back. Looking down he could see he was surrounded by the flame. He looked to his mentor, the headman of his pathetic group for guidance. “Protect yourselves boys” he boomed, but the look on his face told a different story. Turning, drawing his handgun as he went he could see an array of gaudy clashing colours. Heart sinking he knew his plight. Going to aim his vision became obscured as a layer of smoke billowed up from the flames.

Firing wildly through the smog the scrounger fought desperately to maintain his meagre existence. .Why are they here he thought, since when was merely existing a crime? He heard the rattle of a gun and a slump, it sounded like one of his fellow lost had already fallen. He increased his firing rate ever aware that his time was becoming a precious commodity. “Stand back guys” came a woman’s voice, “this is gonna get messy…..”


The fight was going well, thought Cinders. Having effectively paralysed the lost and obscured their vision the team was doing superbly. But she felt a need to contribute somewhat to the carnage itself. Harnessing the power of the atom she motioned for the group to stay back.


The firing stopped, and for a brief second the scroungers heart soared. “I’ve made it” he thought, “I can exist another day”. Then a massive noise assailed his ears, and a bright light pierced even the clouds of smoke….. The fallout power levelled the entire group. With the radiation flailing the skin from their bones they slumped to the ground their mind’s choosing to float away and disassociate themselves completely from the pain…..

“Nice work Cinderella” said the main blaster of the group, “that is one powerful attack!” Cinders smiled, safe in the knowledge that another threat to national security had been neutralised. “[censored] ur L33t skill PWNEd em” said the tanker. “Lets carry on” replied Cinders “There are a load more up there”