Meet Kinetic Girl (on the Victory server)




Kaye Krenshaw was sitting at her computer, trying to figure out the latest equations she was working on. She was working for a top secret military weapons lab, and was on a team developing techniques to store mass amounts of kinetic energy and release them as either blast waves or beams. She was just about ready to run her next experiment with the part of the technology that she had been developing.

She finished her equations, then glanced at her watch. Where was he? Her lab assistant was supposed to be here by now. She would wait five more minutes, then start without him. This was a simple experiment anyway. There was very little that could possibly go wrong.

The five minutes passed, and she loaded up the command program for their energy accelerator, which was the basis of the technology she was developing. Normally her assistant would be at the terminal monitoring energy levels while she was operating the accelerator, but she was able to program an automated monitoring program that would shut off the accelerator if the energy level got too high. So she ran that and approached the accelerator.

At the accelerator, she flipped some switches and turned some knobs, all routine startup procedures. She heard the familiar hum that the accelerator made as it started up, then proceded to load in some of the data that she had come up with in the equations she had been working on. The hum got a little louder and higher pitched, but the machine was still operating, so energy levels were still within a safe limit.

Just then, the accelerator made a deafeningly loud screeching noise. Kaye went to pull the emergency shutoff lever, but it was too late. She saw an immence flash of light come out of the accelerator, and felt a wave of something rush through her body. Then she passed out.

When she awoke, she was laying on the floor next to the accelerator, which her program must have shut off right after she got knocked out. She felt kind of queasy and extremely tingly all over. She grabbed an instrument they used to measure energy levels and pointed it at herself. The needle flew all the way to the right. Her level was off the scale.

She had to get out of the lab. If any of the other scientists found and reported what happened to her, the military would probably lock her up to study her. She'd seen it happen before. She grabbed a set of experimental gloves and boots that were designed to harness and release immense amounts of kinetic energy, and left the lab.

But where would she go? She needed to go somewhere she would easily blend in, since she knew that the military would be after her. Then she remembered an article about an alien invasion and a city that was calling for heroes. That would be the perfect place for her to go. She also knew that she could get a good disguise made for her there. She would head to Paragon City.