The Origin of Liquid Nitro, Part I




“Ever heard the expression ‘When Hell freezes over’? Welcome to Hell,” said a man who hadn’t shaved in about a week. His parka was free of the snow and frost that clung to his audience. “We don’t get many visitors here. You must be the extra scientists that we have been asking for – I don’t know – I guess about three months.”

“I guess so. Who is in charge here?” asked the leader of the thawing group. “We will need to set up our living arrangements, as well as get up to speed on the latest breakthroughs in Project Deep Freeze.”

“Well… I am in charge here, I suppose,” answered the gruff man. “And as for living arrangements -- down the hall on the left. Three rooms for three scientists.”

“What about the briefing?” asked a new voice from the now-dripping group. “I an very excited about the applications of Project DF.”

“Ah. Who invited a scientist from the Pentagon? I know you want to sell this serum to the military, but at least wait until we have tested it. Wouldn’t want another round of Agent Orange or Gulf War Syndrome on our hands,” the lead scientist said with disdain. “Oh. And I need your names to make this all official.”

“John Albert, Cryo-tek,” said the leader of the newly arrived.

“Bob Sprach, Friez Corp.,” said the second.

“Jakob Dostoev…”

“We’ll just call you Pentagon, Jakob. OK. Settle in. The briefing will be held in the conference room at 0800 tomorrow morning. Welcome to the Antarctic.”



OOC: more to come, but it is late and the creative juices get a little too creative.