The Black Chapter Chronicles




Intro: Hey all, I started this thread to give myself and other members of "Black Chapter" a place to RP. It's set in the style of a psuedo-blog, basically I will post the things my character has done during the day, and his thoughts on them. Hopefully other members will follow suit.

A few notes: as I said before, this thread is for the Black Chapter and is primarily meant for them, if you liked something that was written feel free to comment on it, but I would like to keep this thread as exclusive to RPing as possible.


Alright, let's get one thing straight, "Mr. Midnight", my character, is a jerk, through and through. So some of the comments he makes won't be all that nice or flattering. If I bring up anyone's character, please don't be offended, I do not mean it personally, it is just how my character is, as a matter of fact, if I mention a character, be it in a positive or negative light. It means that the character was interesting enough to garner "our" attention, and I mean absolutly no disrespect by it. Anyways, on with the show!



Thursday, May 13th, 2004:

Big day, scouted a few new very interesting prospects for Black Chapter, hopefully I will be able to get in touch with them further and we can see a few new operatives in our ranks. Got a good deal of work done, here are some of the highlights:

- Finished up a mission in Boomtown taking out some Tinker Toys, those things can be brutal in groups. Boy, what a mess Boomtown is, I don't even really mind the scum living there, but the place is completely desolate, buildings crumbled, piles of rubble everywhere. It's even a bigger mess than King's Row. Well, at least Boomtown has an excuse.....

-Cleaned out a wharehouse full of The Lost, they were working with some guy, "Unlucky Pete" was his name. Unlucky was right, took him out with one clean, boosted shot of my sniper rifle. Poor fool never saw it coming. His buddies were equally as worthless, though I will admit, a couple of the bigger fellows did give me some exercise.

-On the way to a mission I came across a Police officer who was getting hassled by two Vahzilok, he was pleading for help. It made me stop. Honestly, this supposed protector of the peace couldn't handle two measly zombies, he has to ask me to help him? So I would have to take time that could be spent saving an innocent who really needs it to save his carcass? Forget it, he's got a gun, why should I waste my bullets for him? Those things don't grow on trees, you know....

-Cleared out a nightclub filled with Hellions, this was most interesting. First of all, this place was a miserable dump, anyone who is stupid enough to go clubbing to this piece of garbage deserves what they get, but I had a job to do....

Number two: As I was tearing through Hellions left and right. These people were running and sreaming all around. Word of advice, if yo uare ever stuck in the middle of a blazing gunfight. HEAD FOR THE EXIT! Don't just run around in circles like a moron. Find the exit and get out of my way and let me save others.

and finally, I was going to be paid to clear out this club entirely, and just when I thought I had it set, there was one little pest left. It took me almost a half hour to find him. You know, if I had the choice, I would have let him go. I felt sorry for him, how could someone be run with such a "tough" gang and be such a miserable coward. Unfortunatly for him, I had to take him out, it was my job. He made the mistake of trying to take a shot at me while my back was turned, and missed, and that was the end of that. It was a long and exhausting task, but it was worth, I finally made it to Security Level 13. I threw a couple new enhancement slots in my sniper rifle, and called it a night. I deserved the rest after such a hard days work.....



Friday, May 14th, 2004.

Unfortunatly, I spent most of the morning on my face or in a hospital bed. I was ambushed by a bunch of outcast morons I was not ready for in the morning, which not only embarassed me but infuriated me. After clearing the cobwebs and getting up from the defeat, I got my revenge, though. However, a similar situation happened with some annoying Tinker Toys, so I decided to call it a day, I was still recuperating from the previous day's battles, and there were alot of them, as you saw from my last entry. Hey, sometimes there are just more important things to do than fight crime. I have to make sure I'm in top shape. to fight and protect the people another day, so this one was kind of my personal little sick day, to give myself time to heal and get my strength and my edge back. Tommorow I will hit the streets running once again and do what I do best. Clean the streets of the filth that walks them.....



Saturday, May 15th, 2004

-Started off the morning finishing up a Vahzilok mission in Boomtown, rescuing a scientist. The group I was in was pretty competent, if not easily distracted. (I don't CARE how high you can jump!) I ditched them to go hunting with Black Chapter Commander Aureon.

-Hunting with Aureon was successful, we did some of his missions, so the opposition was a little on the easy side for me (which is nothing out of the oridnary.)

-On our expedition we came across a poor sap lying face down in the streets. Aureon had it in his heart to resurrect him. I was just gonna leave him there for the hospital, but Aureon, being the guy he was, decides to lift him up, and how does the guy repay us? He stands there and stares at us. No thank you, no sort of repayment at all. Ungrateful punk, should have at least tossed a couple good weapon enhancements our way... That's it, no more resurrection without further compensation.

-After Aureon called it a night, I went out for a little late night hunting to make up for last night. Came across "The Purple One" a rather competent healer with a decent attitude. I was impressed by her, and offered her a position in Black Chapter, it's very rare that I will offer a position like that on the spot, but I did. She impressed me by not taking it right away, shows me integrity. She also said she would talk to other friends about it, so that's promising.

-Spent the whole cursed day trying to find some Vahzilok in the city, and only got rid of 3 of them, 7 left to go for tommorow, though it's not looking very promising, rats.....



Greetings fellow heroes. I am Aureon, Black Chapter's second in command. My origin is something for a later time though...

Mr. Midnight will provide you all with a daily account of the goings on in Black Chapter along with our future members' accounts. I however will be sporadic in my log just for the plain fact that I won't note something unless it's worth noting.

I will keep you all up to speed on the important happenings in Black Chapter and in my travels. Until then I remain,




Sunday, May 16th, 2004

First of all, I would like to welcome Black Chapter's two newest members. Ann Archy, and Exodus. It's nice to have some fresh blood. Though we like to keep things small, quality over quantity, but the more good, skilled people we have the more we will be noticed and appreciated by the people of Paragon.

-Finished off that miserable Vahzilok mission I started last night. Ran around Steel Canyon like a moron and took the last 7 out.

-Met up with Aureon again today, we hit a tinker toy mission, cleaned out a wharehouse full of them, and generally beat them down throughout the day. It was kind of a beat up on robots afternoon. God I hate those things...

-Speaking of which, we hired a rather brave photographer to come along, and he took some great shots, hopefully we'll put those up at another time, but he did a great job. I hope he gets out of the hospital soon.

- Hit Security Level 14, meet up with Mynx and did some training, I advanced my first aid skills and finally am able to heal myself. It's about time, I'm sick of helping others and getting nothing in return....

-Went to Faultline for the first time today on a mission to destroy some more Vahzilok (ugh). This time it was a different story, though. They were everywhere, and they were tough, very, very tough. Luckily I teamed up with some people who helped me out with it, while they did a good job, I don't really like big groups so I split as soon as the mission was over. Though I am appreciative to..... Whatever their names were.

-Still in discussions with a few more operative prospects, I'm impressed with their work, I hope to have another operative in our ranks by tomorrow.

That's all for this evening. Until tomorrow, faithful Black Chapter followers.



Monday, May 17th, 2004

Gonna keep this one short, because I had prior engangements to take care of, but tommorow will make up for it, I promise.

-I am spending most of my time in Skyway City these days. I really enjoy the architecture of the place, and I've dried up all my contacts in Steel Canyon, that's right, I've fought so much crime there that my contacts simply have no crime left to report. Add Steel Canyon to the long list of sections of Paragon owned by Mr. Midnight and Black Chapter!

-Speaking of Skyway City, I had just arrived and stopped for a second to look at my cell phone and check my messages, when out of NOWHERE a large group of The Lost came up on me, 2 shots and one sword slash before I even had the chance to pull out my gun and I'm flat on my face. However, I mustered up all my energy and awoke from near defeat. Unfortunatly, my muggers had already taken off, cowards....

-After that ordeal I was walking through The Land of The Lost and I saw a poor hero running from a Troll, so I tried to help him, I tried getting the Troll off his back, and then thr Troll turned on me... I don't know what kind of armor he had on, or something, but I couldn't do a thing to him. Next thing you know, I'm waking up in a teleporter in the hospital, and was the guy waiting there for me with his gratitude? No, not a thank you, no reward, no favor to be returned later, no nothing, he just kept on running. That's the last time I help someone in need. They shouldn't have picked a fight if they couldn't handle it...

-My night ended with taking a mission from one of my contacts in Skyway to combat the lost in Boomtown. However, Boomtown was a very long trip from this contact, and I was tired and beat up as it was, so I grabbed a night in a nearby motel which is where I am typing this now. I'll take out The Lost tommorow, and hopefully get back some of my pride in the process. Well, not every day can be a victory. Until tommorow, faithful followers.....



Well heroes, as promised, here is one of the pictures that our photographer took a few days ago. Man, I hope he gets used to having one arm...




Tuesday, May 18th, 2004

Ugh, the tedium of doing grunt work to get your security level up....

-As I stated before, I dried up most of my contacts and now I have to wait until I get to Security Level 15 to take on more missions. Well what ensued for the day was myself, and, at times, my operatives, walking around stopping random stupid crime after random stupid crime. Purse snatchings, harassment, stupid garbage like that. Let me tell you this right now, that stuff is not my cup of tea. I want to do the REAL crime fighting. Going on missions, really doing some good for Paragon, but since all my contacts are so concerned about security, I have to help get cats out of trees, ugh.

-Exodus joined me for a little while today, he has really come into his own. He was doing a great job healing today. There was one great instance where we were trying to single out a pretty tough Brick Outcast from his group, and as we were backing away, we backed right into a group of 4 other Outcasts! So not only did we have the first Brick to contend with, but a second (slightly weaker) Brick, and his crew! It was hairy at various times for us both, but thanks to Exodus' healing and my shooting, we both came out of it alive. Slighty scary, but very exciting.

-As we were walking, we came across two female heroes hunting a group of their own Outcasts. So we stopped to watch them for a little while. It was so cute! (One of their names was "Lovetap", how clever!) Exodus wasn't very impressed, but they were doing a decent job. They were both dressedlike they just came out of Abercrombie and Fitch, and they were hammering these bad guys! Albeit it did take them a little long to finish the guys off, it was still a very nice effort on their parts. However, when they were done Exodus and myself took apart a few baddies close by to show the two young ladies how to do it properly, but it was so cute!!

That's really all of intrest to report, it was just mainly walk, find crime, stop crime, and I have to go through more of it tommorow! Yippee!!! God, sometimes I hate being a hero, but hey, all for the protection of the city, right?

Keep in mind, all you faithful readers, that we are still looking for members, so if you think you have what it takes to be a meber of Black Chapter, send me along a shout and we'll have ourselves a little talk. Until tommorow.



OOC: Hi all new member of Black Chapter, just going to give you my Origin then begin to update from time to time.

Exodus was an agent in Lucifer's rebellion against the powers of God. During "Tabris" or the 6th Holy War, Lucifer and his army destroyed the gates of Heaven and conquered much of its landscape. However with the help of the Archangels and the Seraph, Lucifer and all those that served him were banished into Hell.

Upon trial, those that served under Lucifer but we're once high ranked angels were allowed to argue their case. Exodus refused God's invitation and was banished as well. Wife of Exodus, Thessalonica, was witness to this and as an Archangel herself she felt that Exodus' need to rebel was just... Israfel however (Exodus' brother), was not so willing to agree with Thessalonica and refused to aid his brother's defense.

After 500 years in Hell, Exodus became Lucifer's right hand. The Devil could not function without the help of Exodus, from decision making to the construction of the "Satan", a dark and brooding temple of rest for Lucifer. As time went on, a creature known as Lilith was cast down into the depths of Hell only to entangle Lucifer in a web of lust and damnation. He took her as his bride and with that changes were made to Hell. Exodus and the other fallen angels were no longer close to Lucifer. In order to speak with the Demon Lord, they would have to go through her. Exodus however ignored the rule and would speak to Lucifer at anytime he wished.

As time went on, Lilith grew tired of Exodus and with her own unholy minions; she had him banished to Purgatory or Earth. After battling Lilith's spawns, Exodus was left on Earth torn and blooded by war. His fleshed was burned by the light, his body was beaten by the darkness - He was no longer a beautiful angel... now only a shell... He quickly realized that he would have to hide his pain and anger inside himself, and designed a suit of armor that hide his face from the normal mortals of Earth. For years he murdered the souls of the living for sport and conquered much of Earth through mortal men. Exodus led the Nazi order into Paragon city and paid the ultimate price... For it was at that time that Thessalonica's energy and presence lead the heroes of Paragon to defeat the Nazi invasion.

Exodus was crushed by the one he loved most, and through this he learned that his life was truly over. Thessalonica however wanted nothing more than to see Exodus become the once Holy Angel he had been. By Trial of "Metatron", a trial used to allow angels to regain their wings, Exodus promised to Thessalonica that he would once again ascend to the Heavens if she would aid him in transforming from a twisted and cruel beast into his previous form. After rebuilding much of Paragon the Rikti invasion was the first sign that Exodus would defy Lucifer's evil and stand up for himself and Paragon City - however, he did this for himself not for others. Year after year he tried to become more of a kind hearted angel, but truth be told, he was never one. Exodus agreed to join Black Chapter in hopes that he would indeed find those that understood him and would help him regain his wings through aiding Paragon. At the same time, Exodus was overjoyed to know that Black Chapter also disliked the "Heroic" overtones and embraced anger, darkness, and cynical aspects of life.

"I will only help mortals for myself... If I see no gain in it, then I will not aid them. They're quite weak and I see no reason to save the weak, why not allow them to save themselves?"

OOC: Eh, I'm working out the kinks as I do some work at home... Update later!



Wednesday, May 18th, 2004

Level 15! Finally! No more running around like a moron just to get in good with the head office of Paragon City! Well, at least not for right now.

-So, with my new found security clearance, I trained up with Valkrye in Steel Canyon, dropped a new enhancement in my sniper rifle, and earned myself a title. So I will now be referred to as "The Remarkable Mr. Midnight"

-Spent most of the day taking on a brutal mission fighing mebers of The Lost who decided to take up kidnapping as a hobby, but with the help of a few very good defenders (Exodus, and Purple One, a member of The Tokyo Knights and a friend of mine) and Ann Archy blasting away from the back, we managed to take them down, the importance of a good team simply can not be underestimated.

Well, unfortunatly, that's about it, no other intresting goings on during the day, I'm afraid, just mindless crime fighting, then an actual worthwhile mission. Hopefully there will be more to report tommorow as I plan on relaxing a little bit and observing some of my fellow heroes, if for nothing else than a good laugh. Until tommorow, faithful readers...



Thursday, May 20th, 2004

Wow, pretty uneventful day. Just your usual day at the office, though there were a few interesting going-ons....

-Most of the missions today were vendettas, take out so many of these guys, so many of these guys, get this from these guys. Boring, but hey, money is money.

-Did a little scouting in Atlas Park to see if there were any young prospects, and I did stumble across a young man named "Demondim" who I will be keeping my eye on....

-Went on a mission with Aureon to recover a high school trophy.... That's right, a trophy. We fought the Tinker Toys, by far the absolute most annoying group of baddies in existence, for a trophy. Listen, I know that it was the only thing that reminded this kid of when he could walk, and he did try to get it back himself, but the Tinkers took his wheelchair apart (I had to try really hard not to laugh when my contact said that.) But still, come on. They were tough, too! I went down a couple times, but Aureon got me back up. I have the trophy now and will return it to the kid tommorow, I guess.

-Went on a mission taking out The Lost where I was given a Plasmatic Taser because my contact wanted me to incapacitate, not kill. The thing is, they only last an hour, and I was really hungry and didn't go to lunch yet. If there were any Lost hanging out at the Diner, I would have been glad to use it on them, but there weren't. So I had to resort to shooting limbs. Oh well, they'll live, I think....

-Tried for the second time to find this place deep in the Perez forests to save this fortune teller with Aureon, god I hate Perez. We ended up getting lost...Again, and I had to ask for help, so a man named "The Sightless One" was kind enough to teleport me out. I was more than generous with his reward for his troubles. Keep that in mind, folks. If you are good to Mr. Midnight. Mr Midnight is good to you....

And on that note, I will be going to my bed to rest up for another hard day of crimefighting.



Monday, May 24th, 2004

I know it's been a few days since my last post, but that's manyly because of the fact that friday I fell into a giant crevasse in Faultline and had been stuck there FOR THREE DAYS!! After barely, and I mean barely surviving the fall, I wandered around this thing, calling for help while trying not to get the attention of the mass of CoT goons that outnumbered and outpowered me, thanksfully someone who's name escapes me right now was kind enough to finally help me out.

-Once I got out, I met up with this woman named Cheryl at the faultline gates. She was looking for a team to hunt with, her big thing was force fields and could amass one of a pretty impressive size. So I tried to offer my assistance, but she didn't want it. I think it was because she was level 16 and I am only level 15, big deal. Had I not been in a giant HOLE for three days I would have been level 16 by now! So after continuing to ignore me, she went off with another hero, level 20. It must have been that time of the month......

-Met up with a young kid named Nathan Strong who was impressed at my sniping skills. Really awestruck with the damage I could inflict. So we palled around for a while, he was a good kid. One to look out for as a new member of Black Chapter.

-I went back to normal hunting and missions, took out some tinkers, some column. Then I met up with this tounger guy names Vectro who needed help on a tinker mission, so I helped him out, I was getting literally nothing from beating these guys but I wanted to help the kid out. He was very greatful, and swore he would repay me. I didn't need it at the time, but it's good to see that kind of loyalty. Shows promise.

-All in all I am very dissappointed with the young blood in paragon. I hit Atlas Park today to scout and found no one of any interest to me whatsoever. We're always looking for new members, but it's hard to find new members for a group. Well, if you have any standards, it is.....

-Ended my night by tackling a group of 5th Column hostage takers. Took out the minions no problem but dear lord, there was this "Education Officer" fellow, impossible. I tried some hit and run tactics but couldn't put a dent in the guy. I was lucky enough to escape from the building alive, and will try to come at him with some numbers tommorow.....

Until next time......



Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

-Started off the day by finishing aforementioned mission with the help of Purple One, who has taken great strides and has gained power quite quickly, already at Security Level 19. (Well, had I not been doing my Gilligan's Island impression in Faultline, I might be up there, too....) Even with the help of her- a very prefessional and talented defender, it was a very tough challenge, but rewarding.

-Met up with a man named Cassius who I had been looking forward to talking to for a while but never had the chance to. He was interested in joining Black Chapter and we finally talked about it today. After a long conversation, I was more than satisfied by his attitude and talents and recruited him. I would like to welcome him to the ranks personally.

-Took out a ton of CoT's for some freaky art chick. Apparently she's one of the "in crowd" and gets alot of information. Of course, being an artist, she can't do a damn thing about what she hears, so she tells it to me and anyone else who will listen. Why? I don't know, maybe it makes her feel important. But nonetheless she gives me info and the missions pay well, so I'll put up with the pretentious artsy garbage for now.

-In quite possibly the most interesting part of my day. I ran into an old friend of mine from high school named Colsair. He had alot of problems as a kid and was sent to reform school, after smacking around one too many people there they tossed him in a loony bin, which was another 6 years of hell for him, but he's finally out. He seems in decent shape but he wears this helmet for reasons I probably shouldn't discuss right now. Long story short he's out of the funny farm and he has joined the hero scene. Why, I don't know, alot of undue stress, especially if you're just coming from a nut house, but it's really good to see him again and I greatly look forward to working with him in the future.

-Ended my night by running around and beating up some Lost, I have a very tough mission involving clearing mystics out of a sewer system and I feel like I should try to train up with one of the higher ups before I tackle it, but before I can do that I need to go up in security level. The Lost are always fun to beat up on, anyways....



Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

Gonna keep this one real short, because it was a rather uneventful day. I made it up to Level 16 finally. Spent most of the day in Skyway slapping around Trolls and Lost. Tried to find a team for that mission in the sweres but had no luck, so I tried at it on my own but I think the task still might be too hard even now that I have more training under my belt. Tommorow's another day and I hope to get everything done then. Along with a more detailed entry for my loyal readers, but for now, I'm out of here...



OOC: Hello, Cassius here. I am new to the group. Below is my whacky bio.

IC: Cassius was born in Rome in 18 AD during the reign of Emperor Tiberius. He came from a wealthy family and inspired to join the legion. During training as a youth he showed great promise and his performance always stood out. He spent most of his teens learning how to fight and manage troops and diplomatic matters of the Empire.

In 44 AD Cassius was in charge of a cohort in an elite legion sent to north of the Empire to fend of a barbarian threat. It was there that Cassius earned his place among the great warrior of the time. During one skirmish, he was impaled on a spear. The wound was clearly a mortal one and the doctors proclaimed that he would not see through the night. Early in the morning, Cassius awoke and slowly slid his hand underneath the bandages on his chest. When he felt nothing, not even a scar, he quickly jumped to his feet. Adrenaline shot through his body as he tore off the bandages. He was shocked to see no mark on his body. “Am I dead?”

Stories quickly spread through the camp that Cassius was healed. Some quickly proclaimed him an avatar, but he brushed such talk aside and gave full credit of his recovery to the will of the gods.

After years of fighting, word reached the legion that Emperor Claudius had died and was succeeded by Nero. The legion headed back to Rome.

Nero’s first years were benevolent and much changed in Rome for the better. Cassius met the young Emperor, who was eager to hear stories from Rome’s new hero. For his services, Cassius was awarded a post as a commander of the Praetorian Guard. But things began to change as Nero grew older and more consumed with power. He began to fear anyone who might challenge him. It was not long before he was convinced that Cassius was a threat.

In 60 AD, Nero hatched a plot to kill Cassius, but the poison he chose did not work. As punishment the assassin was made to drink a dose himself and died. Later that year an assassin stabbed Cassius, but he made a full recovery. By early 61 AD Nero was convinced that Cassius was sent by gods to kill him and he ordered Cassius on an expedition across the Alps. Later that year, while crossing a gorge, Cassius was pushed into a chasm by his own lieutenant. Pleased with himself, Nero ordered all records of Cassius erased.

1917. World War I. During a battle in mountains, an Italian platoon took refuge from shelling in a small cave. They began to dig into the ice, looking for more protection, when they stumbled across something incredible, a frozen Roman soldier. They did not have time to explore further, but notified their officer when they returned to their camp. The incident was forgotten until 1929, when a young clerk came across the notes. He convinced his uncle Dr. Turini, a professor of Roman history, to fund a small expedition. After six weeks of searching, they found the cave and the frozen legionnaire. It took a few hours to get the body out of the ice and snow. But when they tried to remove the artifacts from his body, they were shocked to find that him still alive! The legionnaire was breathing!!

They transported their prize (which they reasoned would make them rich) back to Dr. Turini, who took charge of the Roman. He paid the group a small ransom and took possession of Cassius. For the next 60 years, Dr. Turini and his nephew helped Cassius learn about the new world and at the same time learning about ancient Rome. In 1989, Cassius left Italy, still not aging. He was awed by the world he saw, yet deeply distrustful of what was going on around him. When the Rikti invasion came around, Cassius was in a metropolis called Paragon City. He did not take part in the fighting and observed how these new heroes behaved. He only wondered when and who will betray them... as he had been betrayed 2000 years earlier. History repeats itself... being a hero doesn’t pay off.



Thursday, May 27th, 2004

A frustrating day to say the least. Every time I tried doing something, it seemed to go wrong, or things got in my way.

-Started my day off by tackling that Sewer mission, and I was faring pretty well on my own. I cleared out the sewer out, except out of the corner of my eye I saw one last spectral follower dissappear into the wall, and I couldn't get at him. So I left the dungeon and came back, and even more had appeared! It was like I had to do the damn mission all over. I told Aureon about that, he thought it was hilarious. He can be a sick man sometimes....

-Remembered why I don't like teaming with random people. I got invited to hunt with a group, that just kept getting bigger and dumber. I found a dark alley and slipped away. It's a shame, some of my operatives are MIA, maybe they were kidnapped. Oh well, gotta get new recruits, I guess.

-Took out some Tsoo for freaky art chick contact. But I swear 20 people must have been hunting them too because I kept bumping into so many other who were moving in on my game. Strange considering it was rather late at night.

All in all a rather slow night, not very much progression at all. I really need to start some heavy recruiting. My members seem to keep dissappearing. Unfortunatly it's very hard to find good, talented members.