Dirk, part 1, the beggining




Dirk (Demetry) was once a normal human boy. He lived as blacksmiths son in the kingdom of Elthaina. Demetry was changed forever into a Quasit by an unfortunate accident involving a magic deck of cards. It seems that fate was not on Demetrys side when it came to playing around with thing he shouldn't. As a Quasit he was banished to the planes by the clerics of the kingdom. In the planes Demetry spent years fighting within his own mind. Fighting the evilness that was slowing taking him over, Demetry began to lose his mind. He hated this evil, vile thing he had become. Everyday was a battle for his own mind and to fight the evil of the nether world that surrounded him. As the evil inside him grew so did his powers to control the magics that flowed around him. Demetry soon lost most memories of being human and was almost pure evil. Only little specs of light still shined in Demetry's memory. That is until; Uthar grand minion of the circle of thorns, summoned forth Demetry from the nether plane through strong magics and will. Upon entering the physical realm once more, Demetry held most of a quasits appearance, but the change forced some of his human features back to normal. Uthar named his new familiar Dirk. Demetry had no recollection of his real name, so Dirk suited him. Dirk spent everyday doing the dirty biding of Uthar and the circle of thorns, But unknown to all, he was studying. Ever since coming back to the physical realm the battle for his mind had subsided, and yet seemed to ebb and flow back towards his humanity. Dirk studied the ways of magic used by the circle of thorns, but couldnÂ’t control it like his ability to bring forth forces from the nether world. Dirk was finally freed in his 6th season on the planet earth, when a group off Hero's from the city of Atlas destroyed Uthar and his coven in a major battle. Instead of destroying Dirk with the rest of the circle of thorns one of the heroes sensed something in Dirk and allowed him to live. This Hero helped Dirk to step onto the path of the righteous. Dirk learned to finally control the magic in him and the magic he learned from the circle of thorns. He used this magic to heal others and destroy those that would do wrong. Dirk has only bits and pieces of his memory as Demetry, but everyday the evil inside him slowly subsides as turns his powers towards good.

Dirk's human traits have even started to surface more and more these days. He likes to play practical jokes and even has a small problem with lusting after human females. Now Dirk spends most of his time helping heroes in need and hunting down circle of thorn members where ever you can find them; sending them to nether world or beyond.