Liberty SuperGroup Registry




Please use this thread to post details regarding your Supergroup on the Liberty server.

Include the following information:
<ul type="square">[*]Supergroup Name: [*]Website (if any):[*]Leader or Recruiting Officers:[*]Preferred Method of contact: (ingame email, regular email, Forum PM, SG website, this forum, etc. Be specific)[*]Guild Description: (Motto, membership requirements/guidelines, and any other information that might help a hero decide whether or not to apply to your group.[/list]
I will start us off.

<ul type="square">[*]Supergroup Name: Ghost Soldiers[*]Website (if any):[*]Recruiting Officers: Hardplace, Wolfgate, Chromium[*]Preferred Method of contact: Forum PM to me or ingame e-mail to any of the officers[*]Guild Description: The Ghost Soldiers are about 20 people strong. We are an adult based gaming group. Our membership is mostly 30+ with few exceptions. We have a dedicated website for our group. We are careful about the people we invite into our group since we want to make sure that every new recruit is someone that we'd want to play with if they were the only person online. Overall, we are a very laid back and friendly group with real lives outside of this game that appreciate gaming with people who have the same priorites.[/list]
Thanks to PHX_Archangelus for suggesting this registry.



<ul type="square">[*]Supergroup Name: Information Retrieval[*]Website (if any): None at the moment.[*]Leader or Recruiting Officers: Xris, Dyspare, Khaine[*]Preferred Method of contact: Ingame or Ingame Mail.[*]Guild Description: Our motto is, "If we can't find it out, it doesn't exist."

We're looking for people who want to have fun, be it grouping or hunting solo. Our requirements are a background in your description, and a sense of humor. You can lack the first one, if the second one is better then average. :&gt;[/list]



Supergroup Name: Liberty Force

Website (if any):

Leader or Recruiting Officers:
Maxum ( [Censored] )
Trip Wire ( [Censored] )
2 ( [Censored] )

Preferred Method of contact: You may contact us at our forums listed above, in-game, or via email.

Guild Description: Libery Force is interested in mature players looking to experience all CoH has to offer. We are a casual group, enjoying the game and each others company. We have a Ventrilo voice server which our members can use to talk live while playing the game if they choose.

Our guidelines:
Fun - The most important thing is to enjoy the game.

Respect – Each member will show his or her fellow members an equal amount of respect at all times. Nobody will be made to feel unwelcome or inferior due to level, archetype, play style, or play time.

Language – The group will not accept excessive inappropriate language, racial or religious slurs in Supergroup chat or on the forums.

Supergroup Forums - Active participation is highly encouraged. Some people enjoy posting more then others, just don't be invisible on these forums.

New Members – New members are required to go through a probationary period. You should participate as much as possible to make this process go more smoothly.



Supergroup Name: Dark Guardians
Recruiting Officers: Dark Soul and Dark Assassin
Preferred Method of Contact: ingame email, Forum PM
Description: I'm aiming to have a group (large if possible) that members can get teammates from easily, as well as take on Task Force missions. No other guidelines, and will accept pretty much any level.



Name: Bolts Of Freedom
General/Captain: Electrabolt (, Diesiel , Tinder Box
Contact:email,forum,pm,tell,game email
Group Info: LV's mostly 12 and above/all lv's welcome. Only rules are to wear the suit while in a group of two heros or more from BOF. And the only other is to have your suit 1/4 dark blue or white at least and the symbol stand out.




Supergroup Name: Liberty Association

Website (if any): (with forums)

Leader or Recruiting Officers: Shock Switch

Preferred Method of contact: Msn messenger ( [Censored] or in game email

Guild Description: Recruiting players of levle 8 or higher seeing as how we have over 50 members I just applied this rule .we need players that WILL connect to our personal ventrilo (exact same as teamspeak but better . still free) and talk! We paid for the server for a reason ! . Mature players please but please come and have fun. Thanks
-Shock Switch



Supergroup Name: Inner Fire

Website (if any):

Leader or Recruiting Officers: Minderaser, Starazor

Preferred Method of contact: Visit our website and drop us a line from there. Or, if you prefer, send us a tell in game or an in game email.

Guild Description: Inner Fire is group of players who temed up one night to go take on The Clockwork King and decided to band together and make it official. All of a sudden we have a guild, a website, and the coolest members around. Come check us out if you are looking to join a SG.



Supergroup Name: G.I. Joe

Website (if any): none (but visit if you are interested in creating a Joe based character to join the group)

Leader or Recruiting Officers: Torpedo, Quick-Kick

Preferred Method of contact: ingame email, Forum PM, or this forum.

Guild Description:
- Motto ~ Yo Joe!!!
- Requirements ~ Your character must be modeled after a G.I. Joe character.
- Guidelines ~ Many of these characters are alternates to our main characters but we play them frequently. Looking for fun "mature" acting players that are looking to group with other characters in a G.I. Joe themed Supergroup.



Supergroup Name: The Justicairs

(website up sometime in june, we're a bit busy with finals)

Leader or Recruiting Officers: Half-Caste, Hallucinatriss

Preferred Method of contact:PM either of us in game, or you can e-mail me(Half-Caste) at [Censored]

Guild Description:
No comic remakes(that's a no brainer), and we'd prefer if your name wasn't something .Killer56 or something generic/idiotic like that. There aren't level or playin reqs, but we'd prefer if you were actually ACTIVE in the game.
Costume: You must wear team colors while traveling with the group, and your emblem must be visible (i.e no black costume with a black emblem) Other than that, do what you want with your costume.

Essentially, we're casual gamers who do things other than CoH (though those other things mostly involve the computer...or at least, thats true for me) Most of our adventuring is done between 7:00(CST) and 10:00 during the week, and random hours on weekends. If you end up being helluva annoying, or simply not fun to play with, you're gone.



Supergroup Name: Skeleton Crew

Leader or Recruiting Officers: Toxic Apostle

Preferred Method of contact: ingame email

Guild Description: We are seeking reasonably mature players to group with on a regualr basis. More emphasis on fun than grinding (or fun while grinding?) The only real requirement to get in is a decent name.



<ul type="square">[*]Supergroup Name: Mostly Harmless [*]Website: n/a [*]Leader or Recruiting Officers: Steelbone (Leader), Blue Justice, Major Ghost (officers) [*]Method of Contact: ingame, gaming time is ~12:30am - 4am Central Time zone [*]Description: No real motto, although we more than welcome couples or older players. Me and my wife are the primary leaders, with a few extra people tossed in. No forced grouping or 'power leveling' involved.[/list]



Supergroup Name: The LEGION

Website (if any):

Leader or Recruiting Officers: Arclight (leader), Reficul, Vicki Vail, Archangelo

Preferred Method of contact: In-game thru /tell. Online times generally are evenings to late evenings cst.

Guild Description: The LEGION was started originally as a way for a few friends to get together in-game. Ended up with some of the greatest heroes around! No limitations on levels here! Are you one of us??



SG name: Eternal Guardians

Server: Liberty

Website: (Still working on it)

Leader: Soultrap (Magic, Controller)

Method of contact: ingame email, tell, Forum post.

Guild Description: A RPing group, adult base, open to any level, Not a themed SG per say, just want a mixed group to RP with and have fun. Working on generating additional ingame content, website and forums, Sigs for Supergroupies, and background story for the group itself. Always open for suggestions. SG colors are Black and yellow, however as of right now there is no requirement to use them. Overall, we are a very laid back and friendly group who just want to have a fun time while playing.

*edited* posted the website link, still got some more work to do to it, like a flash intro, and make a gallery page, might have to resize the sight too.



Supergroup Name: Legion of Liberty Heroes

Website (if any):

Leader or Recruiting Officers:
Hollowsoul - Leader
Temper - Captain
Truly Devout - Captain
Cauldron - Captain

Preferred Method of contact: ingame email, regular email, Forum PM, SG website, this forum, These are all fine, I check our SG forum more often during the day than any other

Guild Description: We like to stay as a close knit group, we currently have 13 members. There is usually always at least one member on. We all play at night a lot and try to group together. Also the forum is very important to me, and I like all members to register and participate as much as possible. The whole point of a game is to have fun!



Hello all,
We are casual gamers looking for members on the Liberty Server. There is one rule to Heroes of the Black Watch: We play to have fun. Our group consists of mostly twenty to thirty somethings who are avid MMORPGers. We are open to all age groups, however. We are a rather new group to COH, but we have tremendous experience from prior MMORPGs (Dark Age of Camelot, Asheron's Call, Star Wars Galaxies, etc).

We implement Teamspeak Team Speak Home Page as our preferred method of voice communication and currently host a high bandwidth dedicated Teamspeak server for all our members.

In our opinion, voice communication adds tremendously to comraderie, overall fun factor, and improves overall play and peer to peer performance, so it's a must to all our members. Most of our current members are on the West Coast and Midwest, however we do have others from various other parts of the US and also Europe.

Please send an in-game Email to Lothogre if you interested in joining our easy-going group.

you may also visit our current website here:
The Black Watch page[/color]

It currently serves our Dark Age of Camelot Guild, but as interest gains with COH, it will include all things COH.

Thanks For your time!

"For Freedom!" -Minuteman



Supergroup Name: The Conspiracy
Website: (encrypted) w30y495yld9j (forums)

Leader/Recruiting Officers: (encrypted) eq4i3h3e w5q4 (or) h7io3q4 ih8ty5

Preferred Contact: If you have been contacted by one of our agents, see us at our office or contact a field agent.

Group Description: All recruitees are required to have knowledge of military and paramilitary operational leadership procedures with maneuvering experience (power pool) as a requisite minimum. Combined leadership groups have proved tactically superior to groups relying on individual accomplishments, and few exceptions will be made. Communications will be optimized and efficiency demanded for all recruitees, utilizing teamspeak technology to facilitate the goals of the consortium. For information regarding joining the field operations for our organization, you must be able to identify the historical significance of SN1987a, be willing to work as part of a team, and be willing to level-up frequently.



<ul type="square">[*]Supergroup Name: CrimeSplitters[*]Website (if any): ---[*]Leader or Recruiting Officers: Rad Rock[*]Preferred Method of contact: If we ever team up and we hit it off, meaning we adapt to eachother's fighting style, then you're sure to get an invitation.[*]Guild Description: We're not a "hardcore" group, specially since I really haven't had much time to play. As our motto says, we're splitting crime one thug at a time.[/list]



<ul type="square">[*]Supergroup Name: The Underground[*]Website (if any): none atm[*]Leader or Recruiting Officers: Comm, Comm. , Comedian, Billy Blade, Moon[*]Preferred Method of contact: In game email to Comm, is the best chance of getting a reply withink the day or the next day[*]Guild Description: Basically the Next guild under Wrath, but unlike wrath we dont require 5 hrs +a day of play, our members are dynamic and can adapt to almost any style of play, roleplayers are welcome here. We consist of regular player to hardcore players, our only requirment is that you log on at least once a week to play. and group with us. We are a very social Sg with everything from Power leveling to Fun contests. Our levels range from 10 -30 so thers almost garunteed to be someone you can group with. Our current roster consists of around 25 members that play regularly. If you think that your ment to be part of the underground please send an in-game email to Comm. [/list]



Please use this thread to post details regarding your Supergroup on the Liberty server.

Supergroup Name: Fisn 'N' Chips

Website (if any): n/a

Leader or Recruiting Officers:
Stella Artois
Tia Maria
Barcardi Breezer

Preferred Method of contact: ingame email

Guild Description: To represent our fair island, motto - nothing whats a motto with you. Guidlines - when joining you must sing our SG Song in the middle of Atlas park with at least 4 SG members watching, u must also partake in the "write the worst name you have seen today game" that invloves editing the msg of the day to be the worst named superhero you have seen that day, a weekly prize is given for who ever spots the worst named superhero - current winner is Newtonia after seeing "The incredible snakeyes 00" - other than that u cant be european to join unless u convice sambucca that your really british then its ok.

we play for fun in a small group and enjoy killing nasties and spend a lot of time on missings taking on larger mobs than we can handle and walking out with a few wounds.



Supergroup Name: Shadow Walkers
Leader or Recruiting Officers: Linnear, Bane of Night, 5th-Element
Preferred Method of Contact: ingame e-mail, forum PM, or SG forum
Guild Description: The Shadow Walkers are an up and coming new supergroup for those who are of Darker origins. Dark powers are a plus and a Dark/Shady past are a must. We are still small but trying to grow. We are here to have a good time and basically just have fun. If you are interested in becoming a Shadow Walker, PM me or send us an e-mail with your powersets and brief history/char description and we'll get back to you ASAP...



Old School Honor
web is in the works
Dr. Detroit, Ziggy Stardust contact in game or at oldschoolhonor@
OLD Farts with Attitudes , That would be us. A small group of friends and would be friends that enjoy playing together. No high pressure got to do this, got to run there , got to reach lv 40 by day after tomorrow. Playing alot of different toons at different lv's and having a ball doing it. Only thing we ask is not to have 8 different toon's in 8 different guilds , not really fair to the other guilds or us. If you're looking for a Mega guild skip on by this is a small group.
Dr. Detroit, aka
Major Tong
Iron Mike



Supergroup Name: The Helping Hand

Leader or Recruiting Officers: Metsuke-ko

Preferred Method of Contact: Ingame e-mail

Description: The Helping Hand is a supergroup intended for mature palayers. Its purpose is to form a pool of Defenders to provide support for recruiting teams.

What is asked of members:
<ul type="square">[*]To be a Defender (any primary or secondary power sets).[*]To have an appropriate name (one that is pronouncable in real life) and appropriate desciption. [*]To wear the group colors when teaming up (not required when "off duty"). [*]To assist anyone you come across who looks like they're in trouble, including calls for help on the Broadcast or Request channels. [*]To reply to thanks (outside of team) with a statement which mentions the group, like "The Helping Hand is always glad to be of service!" (this can easily be entered as a macro).[/list]What you won't be asked: teaming up for supergroup missions, playing on certain times or for certain stretches of time, putting pressure on levelling, etc.

Our motto is: "Our duty is others!"

Metsuke-ko, level 15 Emp/Rad Defender



Name: Legion of Moros

The name (for those of you wondering) comes from a great series of SF books written by Douglas Hill. The books revolve around the hero 'Keill Randor' who was born on the planet Moros. Every inhabitant of Moros was trained from infancy to be a superb warrior. They would train in all aspects of hand to hand combat, weaponary and healing. They would not wage war themselves, but would help other planets and races that were being attacked. During the first novel the planet is destroyed leaving Kiell Randor as the last remaining Legionairre in the galaxy. He is a loner, a fearsome fighter and has honor - just the type of role model for our Supergroup.

Level Requirements to Join - NONE!

We are happy to have anyone in our group. We were all level 1 once, and I fully expect the group to be a mixture of all different levels.

Costume Requirements - NONE!

The color for SG colors is all black (in keeping with the costume theme of the novel) but you are free to wear/not wear it as you see fit.

Grouping Requirements - NONE!

In fact, the grouping requirements lean towards the 'rather not normally mode'. If you like to group more than 50% of your time in game this is not the group for you. I am not saying that grouping will not happen, I am just saying do not expect it. Feel free to ask other members of the SG if they wish to help out with a mission, or go hunting together, but we will not accept any complaining from members that people will not group with them.

AT Requirement - NONE!

We accept all types. I do not care if we end up with 75 scrappers, or myself and 74 defenders. The group is simply about identity and possible additional content - not about creating an 'uber group'.

Timezone/language/gender requirement - NONE!

Australian? German? Canadian? We accept people from all countries, races, colors and even the Welsh. I do not mind if the only words of English you understand are 'Big Mac and Fries' and 'David Beckham' - you will be accepted as part of the family.

Role-playing requirements - NONE!

You may be a straight out powergamer, or maybe an avid role-player who levels at the rate of once a month - you are all welcome.

I feel that we are all unique, and all have strengths and weaknesses. This SG will be there to help out our members when needed, or maybe just allow you to be part of a SG without having to go through any probation period or tests.

Everyone in the group will have the same ranking - there are no 'captains', 'overlords' or 'bosses'. At some point down the road when hero bases are brought in then we may have to implement a structure of some sort but that is a long way away.

If you are interested please send me an in-game e-mail - all I need to know is the names of the characters you would like invited. Please try and limit your alternate characters to 2 at this time until we see the sort of numbers we have (i.e 1 main and 2 alts - 3 in total).

I hope to be hearing from you soon.




Name: The Trilateral Commision
Leaders: CorporateRaider, Yes Man, Troubleshooter
RP: Encourage
Contact: In game tells and emails

We are a group of mature players that understand LIFE comes first. We enjoy power gaming as well as Roleplaying. TLC believes there is a time and place for almost anything. If you enjoy good friendship with a smattering of roleplaying and absolutlt FUN, then we are the group for you.



Supergroup Name: Future Villains of Paragon

Leader / Recruiting Officer: Kthulu

Color: Dark purple &amp; black w/ the skull symbol (up to you to wear it or not)

Preferred Method of contact: forum personal message, ingame tell, ingame email, etc

Guild Description:A guild for all the heros out there interested in becoming a villain when the expansion comes out. The guild is more for finding like minded people that enjoy the fine arts of being evil(and taking over the WORLD! hahaha). Grouping up and going on hunts could be fun if people in the guild want but this is also just to have a social group to talk with in game while playing.

To Join: Having an original hero (aka not wolverine2000 etc), &amp; not acting like a complete moron on broadcast channels etc, &amp; of course an interest in City of Villains.

...if the guild goes well I'm sure a Super Villain guild will grow out of this fledgling one.

To the best dev team ever: I enjoyed meeting you all at the Summits and best of luck in all your future endeavors.