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Flatline - Science Blaster

At the age of 7, a young boy is diagnosed with an incurable cancer, and is given 6 months to live. His parents, desperate to save their son, enroll him in an experimental cancer program. The cancer program, developed around the recently discovered nanite technology, and introduces microscopic computer creatures into the host with the sole purpose of destroying the cancer. The physicians introduce the nanites into the young boy, and to their surprise, the nanites destroy the cancer and the boy is saved. However, the nanites have found a new home and the physicians are unable to remove them without harming the boy. They show no ill intent and his parents decide to leave them be. As the boy grows older, the symbiosis of the nanites with their host become more complete and at the age of 23, the boy, now a young man, finds himself possessing incredible powers of electrical manipulation and emission. Feeling a call to duty, and public service, he decides to shield his identity and join the superhero elite as.....FLATLINE.