Creation of Mega-Watt




First try at a bio, tell me what you think

Class : H
Blaster : Elec/Enegy control
Pool: Hover Fly and Teleport ally(soon teleport self, 1 more lvl)

Ones the lead technician of Crey Industries space program, and the main programmer for the satellite core that of the paragon space station that first altered the citizens of the coming rikti invasion. When the information first arrived it shocked Mega-Watt (Derrick Everson) He knew the satellites had the power to defend the city if they where finished. But the core was yet to be done, it would have used advanced AI to control beams of electricity and pure energy to destroy the target. Derrick knew what he must do, the only way to control the full power of the satellite he needed a remote of some kind, about the size of a .. human arm. He made a gantlet and used it like a remote control unit that absorbed the energies send down from the core, and converted it into blasts of power. After Thrashing a few hundred Rikti with blasts of pure power the core became rather unstable the energy poured into the remote unit and melted the remote to his arm, after it fused the core re-stabilized, but forever part of Mega-Watt, later the satellite was revamped, by Mega-Watt to even lift his body into the air, and teleport using a neutron point that bends time and space. After being forced into being a tech super hero, he decided to use his new powers to protect his friends and family