The Origins of Miss Tigress




While on an expedition to Africa, Samantha Miller’s plane went down due to mechanical failure. They crashed in the heart of the African Congo, the deepest darkest part of the African jungle. All aboard the small craft were killed, except for Samantha. She survived for days around the wreckage.
One day while scavenging for food, she heard a low growling from near by foliage. Fearing a wild animal attack she pulled out the flare gun she had been using to defend herself with thus far, but it was no mere animal. In a flash a large beast had leapt from the jungle. A large hand slapped the trembling flare gun from her hand, and it went flying into the dense underbrush.
Samantha looked over the large beast seeing that this was not the wild animal she expected. From her account the beast stood a good seven to eight feet tall, simply towering over her. Orange and black stripped fur, would say it was a tiger, but the fact that it was standing upright and in the shape of a man, would scare her even more then some simple wild animal.
The large man beast sneered at her and growled low and menacingly. She bolted towards the wreckage of the plane in the hopes to hide within it, but the beast quickly ran down his intended prey, pouncing down on her. Fearing she was about to be eaten and the fact that this “Thing” was half man she pleaded for her life. She was soon about to find out just how wrong she was about his intended plans for her.
The tiger man then ***** Samantha there in the small clearing. He had his way with her for some time before suddenly stopping and he vanished back into the deep dark jungle as quickly as he appeared. Soon after the large man beast had gone, a rescue party entered the clearing finding Samantha there in the sad state the beast had left her in, weeping quietly.
Once back in the “Civilized” world she soon found out the extent of the Tiger man’s sexual attack, as doctors informed her that she was pregnant. Nine months later Alexis Miller was born. She was born as she is now, with orange and black striped fur covering her body. Doctors were baffled by her. Was she a mutant, or A Natural? Without knowing the fathers background it was hard to tell, but that didn’t stop them from trying. She spent much of her early life poked, and prodded, tested, and tested on. By all accounts she seemed like a normal little girl.
Finally her mother had had enough of the test and wanted to try and give Alexis a normal life, moving to Paragon City. Where heroes were in abundance and it was not so odd a thing to see a little tiger girl. Kids will still be kids and she was teased and picked on though her school life. That is until she hit puberty. That’s when she got her temper that seemed on the level of an actual tiger. With that and her claws she would put fellow students in the hospital… Needless to say she was taken from regular school and was in trouble with the law for her attacks.
Her mother had a tutor come and teach her. This tutor was an elderly Asian woman named Lynn Hun. Ms. Hun taught Alexis who she called “Miss Tigress” in the basic school lessons, and then some. She taught her the majesty that is the legacy of the Tiger. She also taught her how to curb her wild temper and focus it for the purpose of good for her fellow man, teaching her how to fight and defend herself but not lose it. Alexis regarded Ms. Hun as her mentor and Ms. Hun thought of her as a daughter.
Her actual mother worked a lot. Trying to give Alexis the best life she could. She was employed by Crey Industries in a research and development lab. One day Alexis was shopping with Ms. Hun on the side of town where her mother worked when she suddenly froze with fear. Ms. Hun asked her what was wrong and Alexis’s eyes turned towards her mothers work building. It exploded without warning taking it and the buildings surrounding it down in a huge pile of rubble. Bricks, glass and rubble rained down on the market they were in. People ran screaming for cover, but Miss Tigress stood there horrified by what she saw, and when a brick or chunk of building seemed like it would hit her, without even looking at it, she simply stepped aside avoiding it.
Heroes came to the people’s aid, including the great Statesman. Statesman was actually the one who carried out the body of Alexis’s mother. Who was standing there with Ms. Hun comforting her and trying to turn her away, but she remained firm as the cities greatest hero approached her. She looked up at him a tear in her eye as she held out her arms and The Statesman laid her mother in her arms. He made a sad face and reached out putting his hand on her shoulder. They seemed to share a moment silently and then he turned and went back inside.
The official report from Crey Industries is that the 5th column broke in and took hostages and planted bombs around the building and demanded highly classified research that Crey scientists were working. Crey negotiators were trying to defuse the situation and would have been successful if not for some heroes that showed up and started to plow through the building fighting with the 5th soldiers in standard hero fashion. The leader of the 5th soldiers fearing a loss at Hero hands instead opted for death and blew up the building. Numbers dead; 57 Crey Employees, 25 5th Column Soldiers, and 5 Heroes. The bodies of the heroes and Employees were recovered, but instead of a standard autopsy Crey Industries instead very charitably paid for all funeral expenses and even erected a huge monument in honor of those that died. None of the bodies of 5th soldiers were recovered, but some 5th Column standard equipment was found. Crey industries released that that bomb they used was a high powered fusion bomb that simply incinerated all the soldiers that were held up in a room with the bomb.
Ms. Hun took Alexis in and continued her training. Alexis was introduced to many of Paragon Cities finest dojo masters in and martial arts masters, as Ms. Hun was very well connected in the Asian community. Alexis was saddened with the loss of her mother as they had always been very close, but that moment with The Statesman had seemed to set a determination in her to be one of the Cities greatest heroes.
Then came that fateful day when portals seemed to open up all over the city. The Rikti Invasion was at hand. All during that day Miss Tigress’s hack seemed to stay raised. She knew this didn’t fair well for the city. Her and Ms. Hun were helping people in China town get to cover in preparation for the worst case scenario… That scenario was correct. The Rikti attacked. They seemed everywhere. People were dieing left and right of her buildings were destroyed where they once stood tall and proud, now there was rubble and carnage everywhere. Miss Tigress was surprised that Ms. Hun was actually a very skilled fighter as they fought side by side along with other Asian heroes in China town. The Rikti finally proved to be too much and people fled, as they waited for the civilians to reach safety a majority of the Asian heroes were killed holding the rear. Including, Ms. Hun, who as Miss Tigress was knocked off her feet by some sort of grenade, dove in the way of a Rikti Solder who was bringing his rifle to bare on her. The rifle went off but the blast hit Ms. Hun instead of Miss Tigress. Alexis screamed and suddenly lost it as she saw her friend and mentor fall to the ground a smoky hole in her chest.
She let out a deafening roar and with claws extended leapt at Ms. Hun’s murderer. She gave the poor Rikti Solder no mercy as she sliced him to ribbons. She continued to beat on his dead body and would have continued for some time if not for the weak call of her name. She spun around and saw Ms. Hun reaching for her. She ran to her side supporting her head. Ms. Hun scolded her for losing her temper and told her to always keep her wits about her, and that being to mindless in a fight would ultimately be her undoing if she didn’t learn to curb her temper. She then told her that she loved her and let out her last breath. Miss Tigress then spent the rest of the Rikti invasion clutching Ms. Hun’s body and crying there in the rubble of a section of town now known as Boom Town.
In the years after the initial attack, Miss Tigress lived in the blown out sections of the city, as her father must have in the jungle. She was feral, and ruthless. She killed any who seemed evil, a true vigilante. Rikti, Trolls, Hellions, it didn’t matter. Then she finally decided to see what life was like on the other side of the force field wall. She cleaned herself up and ventured into the rest of Paragon City. She soon after met a woman named Miss Dale, they fought along side of each other in a few big fights against the evil that had risen up in Paragon city in the aftermath of the War with the Rikti, along with a few other regulars. Then Miss Dale invited her to join the Avatars of Justice, a fledgling super group that had stepped up to try and fill the void of the missing or dead great heroes of Paragon city. That is where she is today, fighting along side of her friends and colleagues as a hero. She still has much to learn about, life, her skills, and her past, but she had finally reached her life long dream to be a great hero of Paragon City, and who knows what lies ahead for her and her Team the Avatars of Justice…