HyperAeon's Redemption




It had been a full year since he escaped the organization known as The Pantheon. Its leader, the timeless Zeus, had oversaw his education, training, and developent as one of his special operatives. He called this group his Titans and named each of the superpowered youths after one of the legendary Titans of Mythology. Then he sent them out to do his bidding...

The only name he had ever known was HyperAeon. As a Titan he was a Lieutenant officer in the Pantheon and commanded a unit of metahumans on missions of great import, or so he thought. One year ago he had discovered the truth, The Panthoen was not dedicated to saving the world governments from evil, it was serving its own ends and lining the pockets of its leader. HyperAeon could take it no longer and left for good.

One year ago, HyperAeon first discovered that he could no longer contain the biogenerated energies that surged inside him. Before, it would only manifest in his eyes and hand making them glow with a pulsing light when angry. He had used this effect to command his teams through fear quite effectively. But now, now things were different. He was his own man and as such could choose how he would act and what to do with his powers. When he responded to the poor citizen of Paragon city he chanced upon, as they screamed for help from a mugger, he knew what he must do. His fists began to glow with energy, trembling with great power. His every cell alive with the stuff, HyperAeon strode forth and pummeled the mugger sending him flying 20 feet away! As the mugger slid unconcious to the ground, HyperAeon was inspired to do more, much more. He would use his powers and training to aid the citzens of this city, perhaps it would help to balance out some of the deeds he had done in support of the Pantheon's goals.

That was how it began...one year ago...

Today, HyperAeon had learned much about himself and his powers. He wore the silver and gold uniform of the Pantheon Titans with pride for he served the citizens of Paragon now. The energies which welled up inside him were his to command and he harnessed them for many effects. These abilities were taxed greatly as he fought the rising number of gangs in the cities along side of his friends and allies. Today was good example of this...

"HYPERPUNCH!", yelled HypeAeon, or Hype as he was called by his friends, as he smashed the Tesla Knight with one of his favorite signature moves. The clockwork mechanoid creature was propelled into the wall of the warehouse to explode into its component parts. He looked back at his team, his friends and smiled. He never smiled before in battle serving the Pantheon. It was one of the things he enjoyed doing. It felt good to have friends and fighting for a good cause. The furnace-like heat washed over him as a lovely young woman dressed in red returned his smile and rushed past him into the midst of a group of robotic creatures programed only for destruction. It appeared nigh-suicidal until she literally burst into flames! This was FLARE, a warrior or great power. Her hands came together with a thunderous clap and a sword was manifested from the fires which surrounded her. She used it with great skill in dispatching one of the clockwork creatures after another. The searing heat melted through their circuitry rendering them inoperative. Even so she was surrounded and beset upon from all sides. Hype summoned his energies and sent a devastating wave of energy coursing at the creatures to the left of Flare, knocking them all back and away. "Thanks for the assist Hype", Flare beamed back at him. "Not a problem, Flare.", Hype intoned as he summoned more of his energies for another assault. "The big one is mine." Hype lock his attention on a monstrously large mechanoid called a Cannon Prince. "HYPERBLAST!", hype screamed as he let loose his most devastating blast of energy. The shock of its release sent him sliding back a few feet as the horrific funnel of energy smashed into the metal plates of the enemy. Plates sheered off and flew in every direction. The creature regained its footing and turned to assess the situation. "<New Target Aquisition>. <Threat Assessment: High>. <Destroy HyperAeon>." rattled the hulking brute. In two strides of its massive hydraulicly driven legs, the creature stood above Hype and delivered a massive punch of its own. The force of it knocked the wind out of the young hero and sent Hype flying into a crate. When Hype looked up again he saw the creature prepare to deliver the final blow.

A dazzling stream of energy lanced downwards and severed the massive mechanical arm of the robot before it could smash Hype into the rubble. SOUL VISSER had hovered close and sent a beam of his dark energies to stave off the attack. "Foolish hyperAeon," Soul Visser teased. "Leave the smashing to Flare and get up here and blast them with me." Soul Visser was an enigmatic creature, dark of complexion with distintly elvish features if that were possible in a man. He channeled dark powers for almost magical effects. His past was still a mystery to Hype but he was a friend and that was all that mattered. "Can't talk, fighting now.", Hype grumbled as he tried to get up from the wreckage of the crate. The monster was still there and ready to blast him with an energy surge from its remaining arm.

"I can talk and fight. How can this be? For I am an Archmage, and you are not.", The very winds whipped around the warehouse and a hurricane force blew the giant creature away from the crate and Hype. Prince Wyngarde had made an entrance it appeared. The Prince was a self proclaimed wizard. His regal manners made it seem believable yet Hype got the distinct feeling he was not of this earth. The Prince continued to harness the very power of the weather to combat the robots whose numbers were dwindling.

Suddenly a sensation of restoration flowed into Hype's body repairing the damage he had taken on the cellular level. In the blink of an eye he was whole. "I'll add that to your bill, Hype." Dr. Marissa Yi laughed. With a smurk she pushed up her stylish glasses on her nose and inspected her work. " Yep, broken femur, repaired. Lasceration to upper deltoid group, mended. You're lucky this Dr. makes house calls!" The good Doctor laughed. "Now listen to Soul and stay outta trouble, I have other things to do you know." THe Doctor smiled as she targeted the remaining mechanoids and send electrical blasts into each, shorting out their circuitry permanently.

An effective team, yes they were thought HyperAeon. More importantly, they were friends...



“You and your fellow Guardians are doing a fine job curbing the gangs here in Atlas City, HyperAeon.”, the City Council beamed. He wore a dark suit and subdued tie. The same tie HyperAeon recalled that he wore when he was rescued by the Guardians of Justice last week. HyperAeon saluted briskly and turned to leave the City Hall building. His hands pulsed with crackling energies as he levitated off the ground and soared towards the large bay window. The afternoon sun glistened off his new uniform of silver and black. Since he and his friends had formed the Guardians he had never went back to his old costume. It reminded him more of the days spent in the Pantheon. He kept it still as it was part of his past and as such defined him.

Hype had begun to soar past the Farnsworth building when the call came through on his wrist communicator. “We’ve got it!” Dr. Yi called. “We’ve got a location for the source!” HyperAeon smiled. Many of the Guardians had patrolled the area searching for the source of the Vazilok disease that plagued parts of the city. Dr. Marissa Yi, one of the founding members of the Guardians had worked closely with some of the more prominent members of the medical community to locate what they believed to be the source of the plague, the infamous Patient Zero. “I’ll be right there Good Doctor.” Hype responded. “Are there any other Judges in the area?”. Judge was the name given to members of the group and they were all working hard to defend the cities. “Just us it seems. I’ll send the coordinates now. Race you there!” Dr. Yi laughed.


The duo arrived at an abandoned lab, well hidden in the industrial district. “Whoa.” Was all that Hype could say as they entered the main foyer. It was something out of Star Wars, the interior of the lab mixed facets of the highest of terrestrial technology with that of Rikkti alien metatronics. This was surely the lab where the Vazilok disease was first created. “Well now.. lets do this by the numbers then,” Hype began. “I’ll draw their fire and you finish them off.” HyperAeon soared into some of the antechambers and was immediately confronted with a legion of embalmed and animated corpses all clamoring about searching for any of the remaining lab technicians to bring to their mortificator masters for vivisection. The sight was horrific. Energies flared with in Hype’s body and he released a torrent of power, wave after wave against the fiends. Dr. Yi was hard pressed as well as the hoards fought with her and her electrostatic bolts of energy. It took all the control he could muster to yell for a retreat to the upper hall.

“I thought I lost you in there Hype.” Dr. Yi said as she used her awesome powers of cellular manipulation to repair the damage done to Hype’s forearm from the virulent acids spewed from the animated corpses. “We have to be more cautious.” Hype closed his eyes as the pain subsided due to the good Dr’s efforts. A moment of peace shattered by the piercing wail of one of the lab workers as they were captured and dragged down a hallway. Hype stood and flared with the boundless energies at his command. “He’s mad now.” Thought the Doctor. “Its bound to get messy from here…”

Hype soared through the halls blasting everything in sight. Aeonic energy transfixed creature after creature as he blasted his way to the upper levels and a large antechamber. The chamber where a creature so foul resided, that its rotting boy parts were held together with stitches and leather. Its eyes were aflame with a greenish light, the final stage of the Vazilok disease. Here stood Patient Zero. A sultry, almost seductive voice wafted towards the two Guardians. “Excellent! I will make fine creatures from your bodies, parts of them actually. Come forward and allow the operations to begin!” Crooned Patient Zero. The stench of death was neigh-overpowering in the room.

“You don’t look well Patient Zero.” Dr. Yi chided. “You’re lucky this doctor makes housecalls!” Her hands began to glow with electrostatic energies, their very curative nature would do horrific damage to a creature that was more dead than alive.

“It ends here. This, I command!” Yelled HyperAeon as he began to glow with the full force of his powers. The duo raced forward to do battle against the fiercest foe they had ever faced!



Faultline. Since the quakes, the city was nothing more than a haven for disreputable dealings and cults. It was because of this HyperAeon was sent in to investigate the activities of the mystical Cult of Thorns. Cho Yen was a mystery to Hype, a martial arts instructor by day and informant on mystical doings by night. The young hero never questioned his friend’s information as Cho was never wrong. When he sent Hype to the city of Faultline to determine if the Cult of Thorns had discovered a way to summon Demon Lords, he knew he was in for serious danger.

“Well, well… there they are then.” Plasmafire said as he hovered above the shattered freeway. He had been patrolling the area and decided to join HyperAeon on this mission when he noticed the determined look on the young hero as he soared unchallenged through the smoke clogged sky. According to the papers, Plasmafire was the hottest new hero to hit the streets of Faultline. Literally. Plasmafire could summon flames at will and use it to blast enemies to cinders or even soar through the air like a comet. Hype could feel the unchecked heat as he hovered a scant few yards from the young hero.

As the two heroes drifted quietly down into the fissures left by the great quake, they noticed a coven of Mages as they completed a ritual of great importance. A blast of greenish fire knocked the duo upwards with its sheer power. When they regained their composure, they looked down into the darkness and beheld a terrible sight, that of a spectral Demon Lord, ghostly in appearance, hovering within a malicious nimbus of dark energies. “EXCELLENT!” , the creature bellowed to the attendant mages in the summoning circle. “NOW OPEN THE PORTAL AND BRING FORTH MY MINIONS!”

Hyper had heard enough. “Here’s the plan then,” he began to say when all of a sudden a burst of flames heralded the arrival of Plasmafire on the scene! The hot headed hero had soared down into the middle of the circle of mages itself and shot forth torrents of flames onto the whole gathering. The screams of the robed cultists rose into the fetid air as they fell to the ground or ran into the dark depth of the fissure still aflame. The energies which were to form the portal dissipated with a crashing sound and the Demon Lord was stranded in our reality. “INSOLENT DOG!” it screamed as it used one of its clawed hands to swat the incendiary hero into the rough hewn walls of the fissure. Plasmafire was knocked helpless by the savage attack and slumped to the ground with his flames diminishing by the second. The Demon Lord moved in slowly for the kill.

A blast of Aeonic energy transfixed the hellish creature between the spines of its winged shoulders tearing a deep rent which oozed a glowing fluid. The blast also served to knock the creature yards away from the prone form of Plasmafire. “Ahem,” interrupted HyperAeon as he waved a finger at the Demon Lord. No meal would be made of his friend this day. “It ends now! This, HyperAeon Commands!”, yelled HyperAeon as he hovered above the creature and released wave after wave of energy at the monstrosity. The creature stood its ground as holes were torn in its translucent wings and bones were shattered. When the attacks from the hero finished the creature launched one of its own. “LET THE DARKNESS DEVOUR YOU, AS I WILL YOUR FRIEND!”, it screeched in primal rage.
A blast of dark energies welled forth and shot from its mouth to splash into HyperAeon’s chest. The shockwave sent him flying upwards at a phenomenal speed and left him nearly helpless, it was all he could do to continue to hover with his waning energies. Seeing an easy victory, the Demon Lord took flight and raced towards the dazed HyperAeon. Regaining his composure at the last minute as the creature’s claws lunged for his throat, the energetic hero did the only thing he could think to do floating nearly a half mile from the depths below. He drew all his remaining energies and began to Hypercharge! This of course left no energy for trivial effects of power such as flight. He fell like a stone. Right through the unsuspecting Demon’s grasp!

The ground rushed upwards at an alarming rate but Hyper was focused on quickly building his energies. When he was close to the point of no return his whole body flared with Aeonic energy and he rapidly came to a stop inches above his fallen comrade. “I’ll be right back buddy,” Hype growled between clenched teeth. “First I have to take out the TRASH!” With a thunderous roar HyperAeon launched himself upwards at the descending Demon Lord. Eyes and hands glowing with energies he slammed both fists into the Demon’s jaws for his signature move, the HYPERPUNCH! The creature flew back and splattered into the fissure walls with a sickening thud. Glowing green ichor smeared the wall for many yards around the impact site. The form of the creature was not readily distinguished from any other form of road kill. “Welcome to Earth,” HyperAeon sneered. “Now go back to hell.” His next attack was a massive wave of energy which shattered the already crumbling wall where the Demon had been defeated. The wreckage fell deeper into the chasm and the darkness below. His last bits of energy were barely enough to make a safe landing next to his awakening friend, Plasmafire. After a brief rest he helped the headstrong hero fly back to the city gates. He would report to Cho that the Cult had been thwarted this day…

From the depths of the fissure, a faint voice went unheard… “You… will pay for this… HYPERAEON!”