The story of Micheal Drum




The story I am about to tell you is the story of a hero. But this is hero isent like other heroes. He has no super powers. No super speed, no control of fire or ice, hes not even able to fly, and he doesnt have super strength even though most of his friends will tell you different. To understand this man you have to go back 21 years ago when all this pain that he carries started.... Micheal Drum was an average man that worked and had a loving family. His wife's name was Maria and his 8 year old son's name was Dylan. Micheal and his family always sat down for dinner, went on family vacations, and spent lots of family time togather. One night that all changed. Micheal was asked to work on his birthday, which happened to be the 28th of april. He was finishing up at his office when he heard loud gun fire erupting from the parking lot of the office building. This wasent unusal because the area was known to have gangs and criminals. But this was different, there were at least 20-30 shots fired. Mike thought to himself that it must be a gang war. Slowly looking out the window he noticed his car sitting untouched. But then to Micheals horror he saw the most uttering, shocking, and emotional thing in his life. His family laid sprawled out on the ground his wifes car sitting next to his with the drivers door still opened. He ran as fas as he could down the 6 flights of steps. Running to his family. When he entered the parking lot all the gang members were gone. He then realized that his family had been caught in a gand war. They must of been tryign to suprise him for his birthday. He started to cry when he seen his son layign on the ground with bullets filling his little fraglie body. Micheal dident cry much but he couldent stop he knew they were both dead. The next couple months for Mike were very hard. Micheal wanted revenge, he wanted the people ot pay that killed his family. The police told him they had done everythign they could. Mike then began gathering information on the every single man that was involved in the shooting. He then began hunting them down one by one killing them with his bare hands. He broke there necks. He then was then down to 2 gang members left. One that was called little scar, and the other was the leader of the bloods. His name was Damien. So Mike decided to save Damien for last. He found out where Little Scar lived and entered his house at night. He found the kids bed room and grabbed the kid form his bed when he looked at the kids face he noticed that Little Scar was only very young probably only about 15. He dident want to hurt a little kid but then suddenly the pain of that night his birthday flashed back. He flipped the kid upside down and hung him out his 2nd story window. Little scar sreamed and told Miek how sorry he was. Mike let the kids legs go and he plumited to his death. Last but not least Mike went after Damien. Damien had at least 20 gaurds. Mike mowed through them one by one killing them all with sheer force. Damien was hiding in his room locked behind the door. Mike kicked in the door and was hit twice with a handgun but he kept coming at Damien. Damien tried to run but Mike grabbed him by his head lifted him inot the air and throw him almost through the wall. Damien pulled out a large knife so Mike grabbed a lead pipe from the floor. Mike was cut a few times with that knife but he only hit Damien once with the lead pipe and Damiens head exploded. Mike for once since the incident felt releaved. He then made his mind to wipe the streets of scum and evil once and for all. Once the police hunted him down he was only convicted of 2 murders. He spent 20 years behind bars. In jail he trained with his cell partner who was a martial arts expert. Mike worked ever day to make his body a leathal weapon. Once he got out of jail the police thought it would be a good idea to leave town because the bloods and the crypts were both looking for him. Mike left and when he saw the newspapaer for Paragon city claming "Hero's Wanted!" he headed to Paragon city....