Tales of Speed




ooc: Basically what this is, is a kind of diary for one of my characters, Speed Hound.
Its kind of an in game record of all things shes been a part of.

Read it and see if its interesting or not. Not sure if the other characters would mind me using their names here. Will ask before I include them.


"Not sure if we'll get out of here."
Speed Hound was having doubts about her current situation. She had formed a small group of heroes, to venture into the sewers to hunt out the Lost, but not only that, it was a test for her, to see if she could face the evils that plague Paragon city.
A short while after entering, they had been beset by Skulls, hanging on their turf.
A short while after that, they got jumped by many, many Lost.
The final kicker, was when the person that was on point, legged it, leaving them alone in the sewers, without a clue as to how to proceed next......

ooc: Ok thats it for now, just gotta ask the others uf I can use their names.