Character background




Was playing for a few hours today and finally thought up a background for him...

Ryan Kage was fascinated with martial arts at an early age. He spent most of his early childhood hanging around local dojos, watching fighters spar. Once he was old enough, his parents encouraged him to take classes. It wasn't long before his true potential was seen. Ryan's instructors had never seen a boy with the raw power and lightning reflexs he possesed. Ryan could stand toe-to-toe with fighters twice his size and still come out on top. News of this young star spread throughout the city and people flocked to tournaments to see this marvel. Ryan took each victory with quiet pride, always displaying sportsmanship and fairness in his fights. His luck was short lived, however. During the Paragon City Martial Arts Tournament, Ryan watched as the 5th Column stormed the stadium, opening fire on the gathered citizens. Ryan acted quickly, gathering his friends and launching a vicious counterattack. The 5th Column, caught by surprise by the boys onslaught, was forced back. Ryan and his group felled squad after squad of soldiers, fighting to clear a path for the remaining people. Thier momentum didn't hold for long though. While battling a 5th Column Lieutenant, Ryan was smashed to the ground by a Wolfpack Robot, crushing his spine and leaving him helpless. When he awoke, Ryan found himself in a hospital bed, surrounded by his friends and family. Ryan knew that his injuries were severe and he probably would never walk again. This didn't stop him from enduring months of painfull rehabilitation. After a year, Ryan knew he could never do the things he used to, and resigned himself to his fate. A visit from a promenant military scientist changed that. This scientist had been experimenting with Ritiki neurotechnology and had made great advances in muscle and skeletal control using sub-dermal circutry. He offered Ryan the chance to take his life back by having Ritiki technology implanted across his body. The surgery was difficult, very difficult. Ryan recovered full motion throughout his body and almost tripled his strength and speed. He now patrols the streets of Paragon City, ever on the lookout for the 5th Column's incursions against his city.

Long I know, but it's actually pretty good. Any comments?



Actually, I like it quite a bit.

You managed to squeeze a believable, moving origin in... 1.. 2... 3... ...26 sentences. Well done!