"John Law" vs. "Death Dealer"




My purpose for writing this thread is to chronicle what I hope will be a fascinating "rivalry" between two "heroes". I shall start by giving the background story of my character, "John Law", for all to see.

I'm hoping whoever plays the character of "Death Dealer" will hear word of this thread, and will respond by giving his own background story before we proceed to the narrative phase;

With the rise of a new breed of criminal to terrorize the streets of Paragon City, the upper echelons of the PCPD realized that the time had come for a new breed of lawman. Enter Prof. Johnathan Lawler, a former technologist and ballistics expert for Crey Industries. Lawler volunteered his services to develop cutting edge law-enforcement equipment to be used by an elite squadron of police specialists.

The project was codenamed "John Law"...

After much deliberation, it was finally decided that the first candidate to be accepted for the new project would be former S.W.A.T. officer Detective Rodney Gould, who had built a reputation as a dedicated, incorruptable cop. Gould, who had recently lost his fellow S.W.A.T. member and best friend, Detective Samuel Greenbough, in a firefight with a local gang, immediately accepted the invitation.

After being equipped and going through several weeks of intense training, Detective Gould was finally ready to be tested on the mean streets of Paragon City.

Then the Rikti invaded...

Professor Lawler disappeared during the invasion and has not been seen since that time. He is presumed deceased. The invasion's aftermath left the department with insufficient resources to continue the project.

Therefore, the department bestowed Detective Gould with Free Agent status. They would continue to covertly supply him with equipment based off what remained of Professor Lawler's notes, but they would publicly deny any connection with him or knowledge of the "John Law" project, which Gould has since adopted as his alternate identity as a crimefighter.