Ten Rules For Dealing with an Earth Intelligence




1. Earthlings are a versatile host - they are the womb for the Larvae, the food to nourish the body. Do not crush an Earthling for sport. If you kill it, eat it.

2. They have MALE Queens.

3. The tastiest part is normally the occipetal lobes. Lightly sautee in coagulated bovine mammary excretions, serve hot.

Coleoptera of Virtue.



4. Never attempt to discuss politics or religon with an earthling, they will become enraged and attack indiscrimnately.

5. When abducting earthlings, always find your specimen in what the earthlings call a 'trailer park'. No one will believe their stories of abduction. Also earthlings with the 'Mullet' hairstyle are prime candidates for abduction. Again no one will believe anything they say.

CURS3D K40S - slightly insane earthling