A Tale of Two Bugs




Last night..

Coleoptera scans his surroundings. Many earthlings congregating at Monorail Station. This is a transportation nexus, human drones buzzing about to their respective hives.

Coleoptera has received transmission from the Fifth Beetle. They are to rendezvous and develop infiltration plan against Earthlings.

"Greetings Earthling", proclaims the beetle. Thought our stout Beetle has been on the planet for sixty rotations, he is still amazed these earthlings still live.

Earthlings have proved difficult to conquer. Their warrior caste is versatile and prolific - warriors fly from the sky and emit firey blasts, and even their drones have proved effective because of their massive numbers. To his dismay, he has been unable to identify the Hive Queen. There are many Queens, and even more male Queens (!!!!)

A few cycles ago, Coleoptera transmitted news of a success to his masters. A male Queen had been coopted and doing their bidding - the drones all shifted allegiance to their candidate. Yes... now they could resume drilling in the northwest artic regions.. The site was ideal - remote and aligned perfectly with the astral gate. Once this site was in place, his masters the Rikt would be able to pour warriors into the hapless dimension.

Doom was assured.

Tadadada <theme music>

Will Coleoptera succeed with his plans? Will the artic wilderness become the new base for the evil alien Rikti? and what of the Fifth Beetle? Tune in next week for these answers and more villanous insidious plots, on the same bug channel, at the same bug time!!