Where is Chef?




Ok, I run a restaurant in nearby Capitol City (about a 45 minute bus ride from Paragon) and I usually leave the house at 7:30 to get there so the joint can open at 9am. I have a number of cooks that get in earlier to set everything up for me. But this morning, I woke up early and thought I would help them out. I had been given a super mission to hunt Lost in my burrough (King's Row), so I thought I would do a quick check around the area and then go to a trainer to sell some of my nifty training manuals that weren't helping me out (some even came with videos).

So, I needed to get over to Galaxy City or Atlas Park to meet the trainers, but as I am doing this, I spot some Lost out of the corner of my eye. Hmmm, I check my watch and it is 7:15am. Maybe I can complete this mission before work, I thought.

So, I swallow my irradiated ginseng pills and check my radioactive potions (as well as my stash of healing herbs) and charge in. I easily dispatch the hooligans and after taking a dose of St Johns Wort and bettle eyes, I am back to full healthly status.

So, I go back to running to the tram to get to Galaxy City (my car has been in the shop since last week. The guys working on it keep telling me that a few more patches and it will be ready...)

On my way to the Tram, I notice some more Lost... Since I still need more blood samples for Vic, I think (check watch, 7:20am) I can take these guys, but I didn't notice that an Aberrant was around the corner. I was ambushed... A nice trip to the hospital and I am feeling run down, and now I have to play catch-up because Ms. Liberty doesn't reward failure...

So I continue to the tram... Oh, some more Lost to collect. Only two this time, I can take them down and I do. Hmmm, it appears that I only need a few more samples and I can complete the mission (but my watch now reads, 7:45am, I really need to get to work...) So, I decide that unless I see more Lost on my way to the Tram, I will wait until after work to find the rest.

But, lo and behold, I see three Lost going to the Tram. Quickly dispatching these fellows, I run off to Vic and get my new mission (something about homeless people in Galaxy City), so I head to the expressway to bum a ride to Galaxy City and finally get to the Super Trainers and trade vids with them. But, as I look at my watch it is now 8:15am... Dangit, I am going to get to the restaurant just as it opens.

Curse you villians for making me late for work!!!