An open letter to the mayor of Paragon




Your city is a cess pit.

You know what I saw the other day??? A cop being mugged by two hellions.

While I was fighting them off her, a car swerved INTO me.

Across the street two of her brothers in blue walked by without a care in the world, ignoring the three other hellions breaking into a car.

After running off the 5 hellions, I walk through an alleyway to find a man being attacked by fly infested animated corpses! I fight them off and make my way to a contact only to find out not only are their Na z i's in the city, but they've kidknapped a physicist.

Well, at least once they've got the bomb they might be able clean the city up.

And you know what the worst part is?

I get back to our Detective agency headquarters, and there is Cyrus McDavril, my Captain, finishing up a cup of coffee, right next to an empty pot.

Sigh.... Civil servants in Paragon is get about as much appreciation as a beer vendor in an AA meeting.