Guardian RPers Thread




Like the other servers have done in this forum, I've started this thread to let Guardian RPers list their characters, play times, RP-SGs (if any), etc. so that other RPers can coordinate.

Please Include:

Character Name(s):
RPing Style: (HardCore, RP-lite, RP/Action)
RP SuperGroup Name (if any):

(Optional) Character Bio:



Character Name(s): I mainly play "The Ending" a magic scrapper.
Playtimes: PST Evenings and some weekend mornings.
RPing Styleepends on who I'm with. I enjoy hard-core, but am satisfied with lite.
Supergroup: None yet. Looking.

Bio:He was just a normal guy with a white-colar job walking down the street when someone who appeared to be a street bum offered to give him talent and powers if he would follow his destiny to help rid the world of the "human evil" that he claimed was predicted to start spreading through the world. The bum said would have to sacrifice his life and humanity to accept. He humored the bum for some reason as jest, but woke up the next morning (from unsettling dreams) and found himself changed with knowledge and abilities he didn't have before. He never saw the "bum" again.



Character Name(s): ArcticBlast (Primary)
(alsoScorchedEarth, DeadRinger

Playtimes/days: Varies with work schedule, usually afternoons or late night/early am (EST)

RPing Style: Typically RP-lite & RP/Action (*I* like to level, my characters like to fight evil more than stand around and gossip ) but I will play to suit, so I can do HardCore.

RP SuperGroup Name (if any): Since I couldn't find an RP-SG on Guardian, I just started one last night as a way to coordinate, I really don't have the spare time or webspace atm to make it really thrive, but if interested, check out the:
"Eternal Flames of Justice" (EFoJ) RP-lite/Action SG.

Character Bio:
ArticBlast was always involved in winter sports and activities, he delighted in the snow and seemed less affected by the cold than his friends. As a graduate student he was ice-racing too near an open channel of water and plunged through into the chilling waters beneath. Near death and freezing, his latent mutation awakened; not only did this save his life, but through his new-found powers, it allows him to save citizens of Paragon City.



Bliss was a priestess of the Sun God and God of Healing, Apollo, in ancient Greece. The temple found an ancient tome, and the oracle at Delphi pointed that it was to be her destiny to use it. The tome granted her the power of healing and energy, but in return, transported her to the place and time in history where she was most needed. If you speak with her, you will find that although she knows the language, most slang terms leave her confused. (Empath/Energy Defender currently level 21)

Mae had a rough life, she practically raised herself and was working odd jobs since she was eleven. She was putting herself through college by working at a strip club, when she saw an ad from Crey Biotech looking for a research assistant. It may have been just a coincidence that the three people chosen to work on Project December all were orphans with no real family or friends. She has almost no memory of the time between her first day at work and when she awoke, her life totally changed. These days she just simply goes by the name December. Although a little rough around the edges, she does her best to do what is right while trying to find out what exactly happened during the three weeks time that she has lost. (Ice/Ice Blaster currently level 9)

Delight was the daughter of a wealthy business man. Her days were spent as the typical socalite: shopping, entertaining, and totally oblivious of the dirty side of life. Sheltered and arrogant, she thought that nothing bad could happen to her. That all changed when she was kidnapped by some members of the infamous Circle of Thorne. They began a dark ritual using her as a catalyst. Fortunately, she was rescued by a hero before the ritual could take her, but not before the dark energy had entered her body and mind. Unable to go back to her old life after being awaken to the true evil that lurks in this world, she is trying hard to use her new powers for good. Sometimes, ok, maybe often, her spoiled pampered side comes out, but she does the right thing in the end. (Dark/Dark Defender currently level 9)

This one time, at cheerleader camp, a story was told around the campfire. Giggling girls talk about the tale of the one. The cheerleader who loved cheering so much, who maintained the most optimistic attitude, the most focused discipline in her tumbles and pyramids, who's desire to motivate her team was so deep, that she actually found the famed "cheer nirvana" and opened her mind and body up to the powers of the cheer. Now, she pumps a new team- team of crime fighters. If they can just manage not to strangle her for being so darn cheerful all the time. Her name is Cheer. (silly fun char to goof with Invuln/Ice Tanker currently level 5)

Look me up under any of my personalities!



Hero Name: Barbarosa
Game Times: Commonly Tue,Thur,Fri 9pm-12am Sun varies
RP-lite (like to interact, and be "in character")
Formerly: The Clone
Real Name: Marvin O. Parker
: Good Omens

Previous Known Endorsement: Xerox, (Model: Clone3500XL)
Slogan: “You’re never alone with a Clone!” (Pictured two of him holding a picture of the 2 of them repeating inward)

Current Endorsements: DocMartin Boots “The Doc makes a man feel invincible!” (Pictures him climbing a mountain-side amidst an avalanche)
-This endorsement may be dropped due to target consumers not catching the reference.

Largely unknown: He has exhibited feats of incredible strength and resiliency. Seems unwilling to discuss other possible powers, especially in relation to powers possessed by his former self The Clone.

Personal File:
Barbarosa is one of eight of the splintered personalities of the former legend The Clone. This tale carries a hard lesson for all who don the mantle of Hero.

The Clone was a vastly powerful Hero who had many powers including flight, powerful gamma beams, super resilient, super Strength, and addition to many other powers his namesake was his power to split himself into duplicates, though a price was paid, each division diminished the individual powers, and all duplicates shared a psychically connected mind. The Clone never duplicated himself to more than 16 copies since he began to lose coordination, and became vulnerable to mundane harm (bullets, knifes, small explosives). He was loved by all, and a standard other heroes tried to live up to. He took a non-Hero wife, much to the surprise of the public. His wife Samantha, had a baby boy name Michael Parker almost a year after the wedding.

Eight Years Later… Shortly before the Alien Invasion of Earth, an evil mastermind by the name of Asmodeus began a reign of terror on Paragon City. He began targeting the friends and loved ones of the heroes, implementing vastly complex plots and amazingly complex devices of destruction. The Heroes of Paragon City quickly came together to crush this new brand of Evil, but not before his most nefarious deed, the breaking of The Clone. Asmodeus began by sending a transmission to The Clone warning him of tragedies that would be happening at opposite ends of the city, exactly three originally. This was enough to exert himself, but not dire enough to call for help. There was a school bus teetering on an overhang, a terrorist with guns on a building top, and a subway trapped under a collapsed tunnel. Upon arriving at each, he discovered held a note “Greeting Super-Moron! In 5 minutes a nerve gas will be released in the Police Dept, Fire Dept, and all three Hospitals, any attempts to call them or further help, will trigger all the devices. Who will you save?” He was forced to divide five more times, still manageable but with all the excitement, he didn’t see the pattern forming.

The Gas devices were easily found and dealt with but they each also held a message, “I have your son and wife. I am waiting for you at one of the following three addresses, if you don’t arrive in 10 minutes, I will dispose of your dear family”. Each one held different addresses…

About this time the first three plights complicated, the School bus as it was pulled back from the ledge, grew eight mechanic arms wrapping around the school bus, each with a keyboard attached, it began to crush the bus, and a message flashing on the screens let him know that typing “you are never alone with a clone.” On each keyboard would stop that arm from constricting for three seconds.

Four Power-Armored villains, using mounted Laser Cannons, pinning down the police, joined the Terrorist.

In the collapsed subway, two trains were remotely routed on a collision course with the trapped subway car.

Unable to think clearly, stressed vastly beyond his abilities and now little more than an average man, thirty selves of The Clone raced against ticking clocks. What happened next is one of the darkest memories of Paragon City… As fifteen Clones reached fifteen rather nondescript locations, a room was found in every one, seemingly blank except for fifteen lone chairs with fifteen phones sitting on it, ringing.

Now remember, The Clone was in fifteen different rooms, typing “you are never alone with a clone” eight times simultaneously, helping children out of a slowly crushing bus, dragging cops away from a fire zone, shutting down two subways while frantically digging out passengers… It took all his effort to bring himself forward and pick up that phone, fifteen times all at once, he never even saw the C4 under the chair of fourteen of them. All at once a barely empty school bus was crushed into a ball, he received several near fatal laser blasts, two trains rolled slowly to a stop yards short of the trapped subway, but mostly…. he was engulfed in fourteen fatal explosions as he heard his wife say “Hello? Who’s there?” Out of the shadows stepped Asmodeus, grinning wickedly. “I never had your wife, or your child, they were too well protected, but I wasn’t about to let a little thing like that stop me from tearing apart Hero City’s beloved redundant hero The Clone”. Then he simply turned, and walked away.

The Clone slowly set down the receiver; his wife’s voice ringing in is head “Hello?? Is anybody there? This isn’t funny!” and gave in to blackness…

Months later in a psychiatric hospital for Super Criminals (the only facility capable of containing, him for his own safety) after finally combining all the remaining personas of The Clone, he was diagnosed with a severe mental break down, including: Paranoid, Schizoid, Antisocial, Borderline, Avoidant, Dependant and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorders. This overall dementia was undocumented and considered impossible for a normal human to contract, it was as if each individual part of him reacted differently to the trauma, and was forced back together before it could resolve itself. Desperate to restore the fallen hero, he was given frightening levels of sedatives, experimental psychotropic drugs, and countless direct therapy attempts.

It was not until years later long after the incarceration of Asmodeus and the Alien Invasion of Paragon City was routed, a psychic hero simply known as The SuperEgo, visited The clone and attempted to put back together the fragmented mind. What he found was after the years of drugs and isolation he minded had completely fragmented into eight new personas, a deep-seated multiple personality disorder. The personas were fighting for control, and he imposed his will to divide them, intending to speak with them separately and find a common ground to merge back together with. They separated alright, but the result was unexpected, they separated mentally and physically, seemingly activated his division power, and eight whole versions of the man emerged, his powers shattered, each one possessed only one or two of his previous powers (whether this is a physical limitation or psychological one has not be determined.) Each one was fully independent and reacted violently to the prospect of remerging. They quickly united towards their common goal to escape, overpowered the SuperEgo and broke free of the visitation room they were using. Three versions of the Clone remained behind completely unable to function properly, two more were quickly rounded up still exhibiting severe mental dementia. It is the last three that were truly unique:

v Korbin Luther Markus (Chupacabra), a bitter man with a good heart, possessing a decent portion of powers, and was able to convince the city he was not a threat as long as no one tried to force him to remerge with his “brothers”.
v Lexius Morbin Octave (Void), a criminally insane monster, could only be described as the Clones dark side. Luckily since his escape no one has seen or heard from this beast whom was unjustly given a fair portion of the original Clones powers.
v Marvin Oscar Parker (Barbarosa), Most consider him the heart of the original clone, but he becomes very withdrawn at mention of his previous self. He has taken up the reigns of a Hero again, and is thought to be a greater hero than before, because despite what he has endured he has chosen to be a servant of others.

In recent news two of the personas previously residents of the Sanitarium were released, marked as fully recovered, though neither appears to have kept any of the powers associated with their former life. Anthony Brandon Calgary plans on joining professional wrestling, while Brandon Dalamar Chance, wishes to be left to a normal life.