The Ritki Crash (Open RP topic)




It's 2am in Galaxy City when a streaming light comes down from the sky above, slowing down slightly before crashing into the side of a tall skyscraper. In it's dormant state, it is obvious that this is an alien ship. It stays there, sticking out of the building like a wounding knife.

Suffering from his usual insomnia, Joseph Ravelin dawns his Moonstriker costume and wanders the streets fighting crime. He is the first to the scene of the accident.

Moonstriker stands at the foot of the skyscraper, looking up at the wreck twenty stories above. Workers stream out of the building in a crazed panic. In the distance, he hears sirens. But they might not get to the scene in time to save the innocent lives. Moonstriker leaps into the air and begins scaling the walls at an incredible rate.

As he gets to the crash area, he shields his eyes from the black smoke emitting from the building and leaps into a window.

"Is anyone there? Is anyone alive?!" he shouts above the roaring. Ahead, he hears the sound of movement. Trying to keep from breathing, he moves towards it. As he gets closer, he sees the hull of the alien ship and moving figures. He opens his mouth to say something, but never gets the chance.

An alien fist swings at him, knocking him through the wall of the skyscraper and flying through the air hundreds of feet from the ground....

((feel free to continue from here))