This just in from The Virtue Paragon Gazette!




In an astounding piece of journalistic investigation, information has been uncovered as to the origins of at least four of the members of the little known group known as The Syndicate. The reporter's name is being withheld for security reasons for both the newspaper and the super group known as The Syndicate. The break down of these super heroes reads as such:

Dateline : Paragon City news desk
Dated : May, 14, 2003

1) Candy Striper (Betty Palmer) Suffers from reverse paranoia--that the world is out to do her good. The supreme optimist, what would you expect from a nurse. Innocent, but deadly.

Her story concerns itself with a person who just does what she does and enjoys it even if she leaves a criminal dying on the pavement. A style all her own, not much of a backstory. She's just swept up into events and not allowing it to get the best of her.

Having lost her parents and family members, including 2 other sisters in the great conflict, she doesn't vow revenge but deep in her heart she knows what must be done to insure another hapless soul doesn't experience the horror that she had to endure.

Working as a nurse's assistant during the last great battle, Betty was unfortunate to have been dosed with a huge amount of radioactive isotopes. Fortunately, for her, she had an immunity built into her genes that accepted the isotopes. However, she was not able to release the isotopes, instead her body absorbed them which led to a fantastic mutation that actually gives Betty the ability to harness radiative material and focus it.

Interestingly enough, part of the mutation accelerated her metabolism in such a way that she can transform the radiactive material trapped inside her body to cast an aura that regenerates tissue. On the flip-side she has the ability of also harnessing it for deadly effect.

2) Baelzabub - (James Rockman) Total militant mercenary. No time for chit-chat with him. Give him his orders and move out of the way. A technologist whose life was destroyed by a huge aerial fire bomb, his salvation came as a result of being found by criminal mercenaries who stripped him of his skin and replaced it with a synthetic material. The negative effects were that his body and facial features were severely deformed.

These mercenaries had planned to use him as a Manchurian Candidate, brain washing him and using him as a spy to assassinate high government officials in Paragon City. Although they saved him, they also deformed him in doing so and he vows revenge for them having disrupting what he felt was his destiny--to die with honor as a soldier.

3) Agent Orange 01 - (Professor Hamiton Speer) A bit of a combination of the two above but a bit more pessimistic then Candy. The ultimate realist. His story is the most interesting of all. He was a leading scientist of his time, involved in top secret research to discover a unique compound that could be transformed into gaseous form.

The use of this research is still unknown, most records having been destroyed when Boomtown met its doom. Rumor has it though that Rikti would be susceptible to its properties, even to the point of causing death.

Unfortunately, one day a new variable was introduced to the base compound causing a gaseous eruption that Dr. Speer ingested through the air causing serious convulsions. His life was saved only by a complicated process involving the flushing of his lungs with an oxygen/liquid combination.

However, the process left his lungs at 10% capacity while deforming his facial features. Having been saved and still useful, Dr. Speer assumed the identity of Agent Orange 01, named after a defoliant long since banned by Paragon City officials.

Interestingly his research and work continues today, under government supervision and it is rumored that not only has he mastered certain m
ind elements, he also can harness the power of atmospheric elements.

4) Carpe Noctem - (Colonel John Henry Sawyer) Perhaps the saddest of all stories, Colonel Sawyer was a decorated police officer, daring and completely without fear. However, he made a fatal mistake one day. While on investigative duty in Perez Park from Steel Canyon, Colonel Sawyer happened upon a startling discovery--the first known sighting of the Circle of Thorns cult.

Sawyer was held captive by the Circle of Thorns for three years, with every unmentionable form of ritual sacrifice and torture thrust upon him. Near death, he was not rescued but rather displaced. The incident occurred during a planned raid of the mutant group, The Lost against the Circle of Thorns.

In the confrontation, a psionic blast from Aberrants of The Lost and magic of the Madness Mages of the Circle of Thorns clashed and produced a beam of energy that struck Colonel Sawyer, thrusting him into a dimension of darkness.

There he came face to face with a demon-like character bearing no name. As terror gripped him the entity explained to him that he had a choice, either embrace the darkness of the realm that had him captive or continue to resist and eventually be consumed by it anyway.

Seeing no way out, Colonel Sawyer chose the former wherein he was thrust out of this Netherworld and transformed into the likeness of the entity that had granted him asylum from it. He now bears the resemblance to a certain ceremonial creature named Satan of lore from milleniums before. Nevertheless, he is not motivated by evil but still has the uncanny ability to harness the dark source of the Netherworld.

Ironically, the only option was for him to accept his condition. No other requirements were placed upon him so the basis of his life is the destruction of the Circle of Thorns and The Lost which brought his life to this plateau of sadness.