Field Status Report: Subject Verbot: Virtue Sector




Feild notes, day 1;

Subject aquired, design specification confrim it is the missing VR-bot MK. I, now calling itself "Verbot" (rhymes with boat). is that some kind of corny German joke?

-Hmm.. mabey not so crazy; look into possible 5th Column or Nemisis involvement in experiment failure.

Subject appears to be functioning autonomously, and displays advanced self awareness, outside of possible design specifications, must conclude that VR-bot MK. I was in some way altered while outside of contact in dimensional rift.

Appears to have highly limited control of operations; able to open minor dimensional rifts capable of causing damage to nearby objects or translating energy from one target to another; no signs of higher functions, we can hope its primary subsystems and memory have both been lost.

Field Notes; Day 3

VR-bot Mk. I "Verbot" once more observed in feild. Recommend agent be assigned to case, robot is showing evidence of some kind of internal memory recovery, and evidencing control of more advanced subsystems as time passes. Unit now capable of channeling dangerous energy from alternate dimension at long range, as well as opening a portal which seems to call back the spirits of the dead to their bodies to keep fighting.

Field Notes; Day 5

Lost Subject for some time, now must issue strong request for further resources. Have seen evidence that "Verbot" is now able to control dimensional instability well enough to cloak himself and allies, and even fold allies to him via transdimensional warp. Verbot has even displayed ability to project control dimensional disturbances able to concuss opponents in combat. Observations sujest subject is steadily recovering his orginal programming abilities, both as a transportation drois as publically filed, and as a deep cover insertion expert to neutralize operatives hostile to our intrests. We cannot allow VR-bot MK. I to recvoer any memory of these functions, especially given our lack of knowledge on his self-awareness, and the apparent enhancement of his skills by the "Dark" dimension in which subject was originally lost.