A chilling tale: Frigid's origin (Freedom)




There have been, throughout history, many stories like mine. I am not unique in that my sins are not mine alone to carry. I find that the more I look at the world around me and the sickness that invades it I am more at ease with the mistakes I've made. And it is because I see the darkness of this world that I must cleanse it. Does it matter to me? Not particularly but it is my duty.

I was born Dr. Reginald Glashel to two loving and brilliant parents. Both of them were research scientists so it's probably not a surprise I went into a similar field. Instead of simple research, however, I went into experimentation and that, like Robert Frost once said, "has made all the difference." I began extensive work on cryogenics and regenerative chemicals in hopes I would one day find a way for humans to regain the immortality so unfairly denied us by God in His "wisdom".

While mixing liquid nitrogen with an as yet untested regenerative chemical, an explosion occured and levelled the surrounding three city blocks. I was tossed like so much dandelion fluff and when they found me an incredible change had taken place. I was no longer even human looking. My skin had turned to a icey blue and my hair had frozen into icicles streaked with that same blue. My body was all but dessimated and I had no strength. My muscles were worthless and the sight nearly gone in my right eye. I was always cold but I found that I liked the cold.

Perhaps the strangest thing is that my heart stopped beating. No blood runs through my veins and my heart is nothing more than a frozen ball of ice. Maybe my soul is just as frozen because when I was told the explosion I had caused killed over a hundred I didn't care. I still don't.

I recognize that I sinned...that it is my responsiblity to atone for that mistake which took so many lives. But I don't honestly care if I ever make a difference. There may be a day when my heart melts and I am able to care again. Until then, I will make sure Paragon City is clean and safe.

My mistake will be rectified as well as I can make it so. As for other mistakes I may make along the way? I will deal with those when the time comes.



This was really good! Fan fiction that's good... It's crazy!

Thanks for posting this.



Wow...thank you so much. I hadn't checked this in a little while so I was really pleased to see someone liked what I wrote. I am not playing Frigid as much as I wish I could (due to the Freedom server's incessant crashing) but I'm working on the origin for my new character on the Infinity server, "The Pilot". He's turning out to be really fun to play.

Thanks again for your kind words!