"....Your name, sir?" (Closed)




((This is a reposted from the wiped beta boards, for your enjoyment, it was originally Open RP story, but I have made it closed for the repost, but feel free to post OOC about your character and his or her attempt to get the perfect name ))

Andrew smiled and handed over his forms for registration. The clerk looked over the forms, and glanced though crooked glasses at Andrew. Andrew, with the same fake smile that was on his ID photo (or soon to be, the photos where taken at a mom and pop photo shop down the street, there were $5 more than regular passport photos) waited for the clerks stamp of approval. The clerk began to type on his computer’s keyboard, it seemed the clerk like Andrew had never took lessons for typing, but was the fastest two finger typer he had seen.

Andrews mind began to wander, “Hmm that must date us both, I wonder if like me the thought that typing was only for secretaries and computers were only good for pong and badly rendered cowboys shooting square bullets…”

“Sir?” interrupted the clerk.
“Hmm?” Andrew clicked back.
“..Your name, sir? The one you have listed here is taken.”
Trying to hide the shock, “Wwhat? The Dark Crusader is taken!?!?”
“Yes sir, do you have another name?”
A look of panic slowly emerged to his face. “But my costume? I have a large D on my chest!”
“That’s a very nice D there sir, but we need a name please.”
“Who has the name Dark Crusader? I mean I, I umm..”
“Here is the public file on The Dark Crusader” With that the clerk rotated the monitor slightly so that Andrew could see.
After glancing over the screen Andrew returned. “He’s a Natural scrapper with martial arts and gadgets !?! He doesn’t even have a Dark power?”
Andrews body was slowly surrounded by a dark Aura.
“That’s very nice sir, but please refrain from using your powers within the line up sir.” The clerk then gestured to the sign on the wall, then continued “Sir do you have a back up name?”
Andrew was suddenly aware of the line up of multicolored costumes behind him, one person rudely sighed and checked his watch.
“Dark Defender”
“Dark Force”
“Have you thought about Crusader that actually is not taken?”
Defiantly Andrew glanced down at his chest.
“Oh that’s right sir the D.”
“Dork” came from a muffled voice in the line up.
“I, do not…”
The clerk slid back the forms to him. “NEXT!”
Andrew grabbed the forms and walked out into Atlas park…



Andrew sat in his favorite coffee shop with Julie. He had bumped into her as he had been moping around the streets of Atlas Park, and she had offered to buy him a latte.

“The nerve of that saleswoman, I have been here at least twice and she did not remember my drink, double hazelnut latte with extra foam and a sprinkle of cinnamon.”

“Barista” He said absentmindedly as he doodled down names and new costume designs on a flier he had picked up.

“What was that?” she said.

“A Barista I think that is what they are called.” Andrew glanced up at the Barista that now seemed to be leaving for a well deserved smoke break.

“Sooo your name Dark Crusher was already taken, them’s the breaks Drew, and do you have to sit around in that dark Costume, I mean those organic shoulder pads could poke someone’s eye out.”

“It’s Dark Crusader, and I have not had time to change, I mean I was standing in line and..”

“Do you think that guy over there is gay?, I mean I am practically falling out of this outfit and he has not even noticed me.”

“WHAT?!?! Are you listening to me? And how would I know?” With that his current doodle became a violent scratch.

“Hey relax Drew, I’m here for you, and it’s a shame that Dark Cruiser was taken, but you’ll find a new name.”

“It was Dark Crusader…”

“Whateva, hey have you thought about the Shadow Crusader?”

Andrew just glanced down to his chest, at the crimson D that had now become his bane.

“Thanks for the Latte but I’ve got to head off.” He said with a sigh.

“K, call me if ya need anything.” With that Julie adjusted herself and walked past the man in question as if she needed a stir stick from the near by condiments stand.

Andrew picked up the flier he had been doodling on, it seemed to advertise someone who was “expert in unorthodox information retrieval, specializing in firewalls and encryptions.”

Hmmm he thought and walked out of the coffee shop.



Andrew sat on the park bench, as his friend Crimson Sword, stood watch over the park.

"Sorry to Hear Drew." He stated as his eyes seem to target everyone briefly.

“I mean the guy doesn’t even have dark powers.”

“Have you thought about adding a number?”

“What?” Andrew asked confused.

“You remember The Green Flame, don’t you?”

Andrew’s eyes danced back and forth for a sec behind his dark cowl. “Yeah from Dark Magics 102, he was a semester ahead of me.”

“If you read his registration card it reads The Green Flame 4, meaning there are 3 others out there aswell.”

“That’s absurd, I never heard him referred as The Green Flame 4.”

“Oh you probably would of never know, he still thinks of himself as just The Green Flame.”

As Andrew pondered this the Crimson Sword continued “then there is The Executioner which is actually spelt XecutionOr on his ID, and with the new kid heroes coming out and there leet speak as it were names made out of numbers and letters are also cropping up.”

“It just does not seem right, I might just be thinking old school here but I want an original name.”

“I respect that in you Drew…OH purse snatching at 4 o’clock, if you want to tag the one holding the purse I’ll follow up with my sword…the guy with the purse always runs.”

“True I hate runners. Anyways you’re on your own I’m still not licensed yet”

“Take care Drew……FEEL MY CRIMSON STEEL!” And with that The Crimson Sword leapt into battle.

Andrew tried to get up, but could not for a second as one of his organic looking shoulder pads was stuck in the park bench. He sighed and unhooked himself and began to walk into Hyperion Way…



Andrew found himself hoping from window ledge to window ledge to keep up with Wraith, and she hovered to the rooftop. Actually Andrew had just discovered that Wraith actually was Wrayth on her ID card.

“Sorry Drew can’t teleport ya yet”

“*pant* no problem *gasp*” He said as he toppled over to the rooftop.

“You know Drew it’s not the name that makes a hero, it’s who’s in that costume.”

Andrew nodded as he took an offered stick of beef jerky from Wrayth who added “You realize there was a fire escape on the other side?”

He sighed “Yeah, I know, but my shoulder pads keep getting hooked on the …”

“What is with those anyway? If you don’t mind me askin sugar?”

“The looked cool on paper I just did not realize how impractical they were until today.”

Andrew pulled a beer from his little rut sack and offered one to Wrayth.

“Sorry Drew on duty, and you know drinking in a public place…”

“Yeah, yeah” Andrew interrupted as he looked over the edge.

Below him was no end of trouble, they where right when the city had entered a state of chaos ever since the invasion.

He saw a hero clad in dark blue freezing a crowd of Hellions, and saw one running away claiming he was just a businessman.

“Hey! You got a Runner!” Andrew Yelled down.

The Blue Hero froze the runner in his tracks, and yelled back “Thanks”

Wrayth put her hand on Andrew’s shoulder carefully avoiding the Organic looking spikes.

“Hon, you’ll find a name, and the sooner the better Drew, most of the class are already out there doing their thing, and you are a good at what you do.”

“True thanks, I’ll just be off, it will come to me” Andrew then looked over the edge. “Think I could make it?” he said with a smile.

“I’d take the stairs if I were you, no ID no free trip to the hospital if you miss jump”

“True, take care Wrayth”

“You too Drew”

With that Andrew walked down the fire escape back to Hyperion Way.