The sad tale of the Mighty Mini




OOC: He is a secondary character that I play once in a while, but I just had to make a cool background story .

During his childhood and into his early teens Robert was a very athletic boy. He was Quarterback of his school teem, held 3 medals in swimming, and won the regional track meet for his school. Things were looking very promising for this energetic young man. Several collages had already shown great interest in the freshman sports star.

Then he turned 17 and it all changed. He began to gain weight and an amazing rate. During the sipper he gained over 200 pounds. He tried everything to lose weight including personal trainers and fad diets. Nothing helped and at the start of the next school year he was kicked off of all the sports teams.

A visit to a local doctor and some blood tests later and the mystery was solved. Poor Robert was a mutant just like the Heroes that he idolized. The difference was in the type of mutation. While other mutants gained special powers or abilities from there genetic alterations Robert’s mutation made him fat. His body was absorbing energy from the food he ate and even the light around him and converted it into fat cells. It was a cruel cosmic joke, he had a super power just as he dreamed…his power was to get fat.

His hopes shattered he spent most of the war hiding in isolation. By the end of the war he was over 450 pounds and in serious danger of dying. A scientist who specialized in non-empowering Mutations took Roberts case and began to study his special mutation.

5 months and 25 pounds later he had a possible solution. Using alien technology he had come up with a possible way to reverse the mutation, converting Robert into a normal person once again.

He jumped at the chance and began to undergo the treatment. Almost instantly he began to lose weight. With in a week he was losing 20 pounds a day. However it was not all good. He was also shrinking. The once 6’3” athlete was soon only 4’ tall. Theere was also an issue with his arms. The treatment was causing his bones to become brittal, and soon his arms shattered under there own weight. Several operations later his arms were replaced, his bones strength increased with calcium infustions, and Robert was free of his weight.

He was also 4 feet tall and built like a body builder.

He soon realized that the treatment reacted with his mutation in other ways. He could not project radiation. He could also emit clouds of healing chemicals, allowing him to heal others.

He was no longer Robert. He was now the Mighty Mini, protector of the innocent, healer of the wounded, and poster child for the weight loss mega 2000 drink.