The Dark Maiden:Profile of a Princess




Aleria Evarshae was born a noble princess in another realm, one very different from that of Paragon city. A dimension consisting of two elven races, the light and dark elves. For thousands of years they fought bloodthirsty fueds and wars for dominance, perfecting the arts of magic and warfare. Neither race was predominantly good or evil, this realm was full of gray. Violence and valor was intermingled as easily as salt and pepper.

Being the highest born child of the royal family, Aleria was destined to rule her kingdom. Cruel, Arrogant, and aggressive, she displayed qualities that assured greatness for her family. Her enemies, however, did not wish to see her ascend the throne. Bribing and coercing her younger (and quite guillible) sister Vasha, they planned a method to eliminate her as a threat.

No mere assassination would work-she could merely be raised from the dead. Or worse, be turned into something even more powerful afterwards. No, instead they spent decades planning, plotting, and preparing. On the day of her 160th birthday, they struck. Rather, her sister did.

Attacking from behind, Vasha planted a dagger in her shoulder. Believing that her light elven allies would help her erradicate the rest of the party, the younger sister was suprised to be surrounded and arrested on the spot by her parent's command. She was executed the following day.

Aleria, on the other hand, was covered in a bright purple glowing light. All of the protective enchantments on her armor and blade could not protect her from this magic-one that tore through the fabric of space and time itself. A hundred mages had given their life to power the spell, and it worked well. Hurdling her through the dimensions, she landed on Earth outside of Paragon City.

Discovered by M.A.G.I., they took the half-alive dark elf to the nearest hospital. Coming into consciousness surrounded by strangers in a different world, she reacted very violently. It took several of M.A.G.I.'s special operatives to restrain her, while Azuria explained the situation to her.

She took it suprisingly well, and became curious about Earth. Deciding to make the best of her situation, she studied the history and cultures of Earth.

While agreeing to fight for Paragon City's protection in gratitude for saving her, she has yet to decide on if she wishes to become a "hero" yet or not. Giving up the life of rulership is not easy....