The Human Circuit - Part #1




Doctor: "Deep Breaths Ma'am"

Husband: "Stay Calm Dear"

Nurse: "Almost there"

*Power goes out*


As the lights come back on there is a strong sense of fear in the room. A woman in her late 30's lays dead on an operating table, at her feet a young new born child eyes glowing blue is crying. A doctor and 2 Nurses are backed into a cornor, fear in there eyes, and a Bewildered Husband runs to his wifes side.

Yes, its safe to say this is the last time this young boy would ever be around his parents again, because not 4 hours after his birth all the T's were crossed and the I's were dotted on the adoption papers.

But was it his fault he couldn't be touched by human hands? And who was this never before seen man in a dark cloak signing his adoption papers..

To Be Continued....