Origin of The Living End.




"I dream about how it's going to end, approaching me quickly. Leaving a life of fear... I only want my mind to be clear... people making fun of me, for no reason but jealousy. I fantasize about me dead.... I kill myself from holding my breath. My suicidal dream, voices telling me what to do. My suicidal dream... I'm sure you will get yours too."
- Silverchair

Growing up, Tallan was nothing more than a punching bag for those who knew nothing of his struggle. Dealing with being a human lightning rod and his troubles at school, it came as no surprise to anyone when he attempted to kill himself.

They found him on the ground out behind his house. Apparently he had jumped from the roof and tried to land on his head, unfortunately it did nothing but give him a headache.

East Germany at the time was very brutal; one could not go a minute without being informed that you were different, unwanted. Tallan was a scape goat for those who hated their own lives.

"Freak! You have lightning coming from your hands. You were meant to be a cloud, not a human!"

Tallan locked himself in his room every night. He had no reason to go outside.

It was a dark night when he realized he had to leave. A dark, stormy night. His mother kept him in the basement during storms so he wouldn't set the house on fire. Unfortunately for her, he wanted out.

Standing out in the rain, he felt at home. It was during storms he felt most alive, when he could get outside.

"Tallan! Get back inside, you fool!"

He looked back at his mom, his eyes bright blue from energy racing through his body.

"I'm not taking another step into that house."

Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck him, he focused the energy into his body. The sounds of screaming coming from his mom soon dissapated. He was one with the lightning.

Suddenly he was not a human form any longer; he transported into the clouds and was never seen by any citizen of Germany again.

The clouds traveled over the ocean... he rode as energy, free at last. Until it rested over a certain city in America, where he was brought back down to Earth.

He knew where he was; it'd been common talk in Germany, as well as the rest of the world. He would call this place home, only to unleash his fury upon those deserving.

Good, evil, it was all the same to him. For now, he'd focus his energy on street gangs... they reminded him most of those at school.

Until the end, he'll be a living nightmare. Until he confronts his living ancestors, he'll forever be the end.

He is The Living End. An Electrical storm of rage and anger that cannot be stopped.

Name - The Living End
Type - Magical Blaster
Level - 14
Server - Freedom



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