The continuing origin of Cyberjack




This will most likely be quite long. A continuing project. Any feedback or suggestions as I go would be great . Hope you like it.

Jacob Phillips, known as "Cyberjack" to his friends on the internet, flits from site to site, downloading files and searching for knowledge. While not technically a hacker, he does know a few tricks of the trade. When not on the computer, the tall, lanky man in his mid-twenties is a student working on his Masters in Cybernetics. This particular foray through the world of cyberspace is a study of advanced cybernetics in hopes that he would find something to support his thesis, which was due in a week.

With increasing anxiety he begins to despair of ever finding a way to prove his theory that a limb could be completely enhanced cybernetically without it having to be amputated first. Or, in laymans terms, to encase a limb with cybernetic technoligy and still reap the benefits similar to one who had had a limb completely replaced. Sighing to himself, he pushes away from the computer and rubs his temples.

"This is no use." he mutters, then turns and shouts into student-office adjacent to his, "Hey Jim, I'm heading down to the cafeteria, you want anything?"

A dismisive grunt is his only answer, so he grabs his jacket and heads out into the hallway, turning towards the stairs in time to see four raggedly dressed men open the door to the cybernetics lab. "Hey!" he says, "you can't go in there!" Then, as they turn to him, he notices the incredible cybernetic enhancements each of them has. One, the leader presumably, has a gigantic robotic arm that looks incongruous with the rest of his body. Freakshow...the name shoots through Jacobs brain like a lightning bolt as his body goes cold with fear.