Escape to Paragon City




When you have spent much of your life experimenting, practicing various dark arts, and slicing open cadavers a lot of people will tend to think you freakish.
Yet more people will think you some sort of deviant, but what do the very corpses you have experimented on think?
As a long time reanimator of dead tissue, survivor of several undead plagues, and quite the number of cat attacks I can tell you that the very things you create will try to destroy you.
And as such I have fled the confines of the Miskatonic Medical School where I spent so much time in the past in the hopes that my damnable creations will not follow me to such a hero prevalent city.
Therefore anyone in need of surgical assistance, casual conversation on the theories of reanimation or just a cheerleader as you uhhh trash evil... please let me know.

Dr Herbert West. (Citizen of Pinnacle)