The Big Leagues Journal of Ballista




May 1st
Who would have thought that when I made it to The Show it would be the fight against Evil instead of the Majors? One minute my friend Heath is darin' me to come inside on him with my split finger, the next he is laying there unconcious, blue energy still crisscrossing his shattered jaw.
I understand why the Paragon Pirates had to let me go, you can't have a pitcher blowing batters' heads off. I was surprised that Heath doesn't hate my guts, he may not get to play at all this coming season, or for that matter......ever again.
May 2nd
Well one thing is for sure, the glut of heroes in he city has made getting a costume easy, the funky red and yellow number I got for 50% off at Mable's Capes and Tights helped out a lot. I still have plenty of money left from my signing bonus the Red's paid me for being their number one draft pick, thenk God they didn't ask for that back! Probably afraid I would blow up the head office.
Oh yeah, yesterday I met with some local law enforcement and instead of laughing at me they encouraged me, even helped me learn how to work with my rapidly growing array of powers. Mom, you would be so proud of me, had those ******* Rikiti not taken you from me.... well I know you are still smiling on me. Mom, did Dad have powers? You never talked about him and well, I wish I knew him now, I feel so damn alone.
Oh I almost forgot, I have made it to Security Clearance Level 5 already! Soon one of the local groups may take notice of me, I don't shirk my duties and I fight well. I just need to stay out of the hospital...... the one nurse is cute and all, but three trips can make you a little tired of gowns that don't tie very well in the back!



May 3rd
Woke up this morning and I can barely move. I thought Spring training was rough. I was wrong! Those Skulls can really beat you to a pulp! And what the hell was up with that cadaver puking on me? That is just gross. If I wanted that I would go back to my old Tappa Kega Brewa days.
Man wonder what the guys would say if they knew that red and yellow spandexclad bloody pulp being wheeled into Cygnus was me. Hey..... will all my goofs be shown on the 11 o'clock news? I barely remember that reporter asking me what had turned me into hamburger before the Crey machnes began their miracle work.
I'm seemingly stuck at security level 5, they told me as long as I kept being rushed from the scenes of muggings in a Hefty bag I can't earn my 6th level. Can't blame them...... and even worse are those people I thought I could help and I let down. "Yay I'm saved! Oh crap he sucks! Bet that hurt!" my hair even hurts! OK, gonna grab some breakfast and take a very long, very hot bath and work these kinks out. Will write later doubt I get out of the apartment today.......awww man! I think I am missing some teeth! I need to find a Team, one with a good dental plan.....



On the way into the kitchen I accidentally kicked my helmet and heard a rattling sound. Hey look, my missing teeth (well one tooth and a half molar)! I donned the red and yellow and went back to Cygnus Medical. Luckily I found Nurse Hamilton, she had helped me a lot last night with finding my costume and the restroom etc. She felt absolutely horrible about my teeth, seems that they pride themselves in being very thorough in going through uniforms for lost body parts. She tried to tell me what she thought was a funny story, started out "One time I was going through Teeny Tiny Man's costume and when I looked in his cup-" I had to stop her right there...SHUDDER. Nurse Hamilton told me not to get splattered any more today since her shift was over and she hated to miss out on me and my "cute parts" coming in. CUTE?!?! My God, why can't I have "Heroic" or "Impressive" parts? "Massive" even....ok massive would probably cost too much in plastic surgery....but "cute"?!?!?! Man that one hurt.

Speaking of hurting, on the way home to take my hot bath and relax and try to forget the fact that my body HATES me, I passed some of the skull thugs. Not wanting to shirk my duty I took thm and several other groups of their gang out. Can you believe it! I got a com-call stating I had SL6 clearance! I didn't even realize I was being watched! Well the powers that be also told me I could get help unlocking a new power, from what they termed a "powerset" which all that means to me is a previously undiscovered set of powers. They told me that they used the blood from one of my many visits to Cygnus to work out some of my DNA and now I have a flying kick. Can't wait to use it! Now though....I NEED SLEEP.

Later today I think I will check in on an old friend.....



I checked in on Heath today, his jaw is healing nicely. Although he doesn't have any powers, the good folks at Cygnus have used some of the technology that aids the heroes of Paragon in his healing. He still doesn't hate me for the accident..... in fact he smiled and said (well wrote on his legal pad ) that that was the only way I could keep him from going yard on me.

He knows. He said as soon as he saw a film clip of Ballistic on The Hero Network's "New Faces" program, he knew it was me. "Same goofy run and how can I forget the bright blue blast?" I don't run goofy!

Now the BIG news.....I am on a Team! Stars of Paragon asked me to join and I accepted. Seem like a good bunch and God knows I could use the help! I think my growing offensive prowess will be a boon to them as well. Well enough typing, time to go out on patrol.....



Hey Mom, I hope what ever afterlife has to offer, it is letting you see me type this. I think yer boy will do you proud. I know it seemed like a complete hairbrained move to clad spandex and a helmet after discovering my powers just a day beforehand, but you remember how much I idolized the Heroes growing up. I will miss baseball, for many it is a way to escape from the harsh realities that our world has become and that I got to play it, even at the Minors level, and make people cheer filled me with pride. Just wish I could have pitched one game, hell one inning for the Reds. Heath and I will be friends forever it seems, any guy who can forgive me for nearly blowing his head off can't be all bad!
I can imagine you looking down at me the morning after the incident. Laughing as her boy got out of bed and looked in the mirror and said "I can be a hero". What the hell? I had JUST found out I had powers and barely could call them up. Thank God for the training PCPD gave me.
OK, have to ask...... Remember how you used to call my father an idiot cable guy? Well, I remember you tell Aunt Teresa the story about how he heard that the microwaves on the tower would kill sperm before a "big weekend". You said, and I quote "Well that sure as hell didn't work. Thank God I got my son out of that deal!" Mom....please please please tell me I am not like this because of some dork blasted his seed with an HBO Real Sex special on top of some tower......PLEASE! My God, if that is true.... ok well it is about the funniest and sad thing I can imagine. Maybe I should be thankful I never met him.
Need to go now Mom, keep an eye on me, I think I am destined for great things. Even if I am TV show run amok! LMAO.......

Your "spawn of the cable guys tainted seed" son

PS Now I know why you quit drinking!