Bringing Order To Chaos - Andrew Seal Origin





Earth is rampant. It is the epicenter of chaos throughout the cosmos.

Something must be done.

It has heroes, each master of a single archetype, none master of all. They have banded together to stop the Rikti threat.

Insufficient. Without one who controls ALL of the archetypes, the Rikti will succeed.

With the power of Earth quelled, they will come after Khenala next.

Something must be done.

Well, there may can send...

[b]The S-Rank agent. Seal. Andrew Seal.[b]

He is the best we have.

The let us send him. The hope of Khenala, and the hope of Earth depend on his success.

It shall be done.

- - - - -

-<Plotting Transdimensional Transport>-
-<Leaving From: Khenala Prime, Nth Dimension>-
-<Destination: Earth, Cryptic Sector, 3rd Dimension>-
-<Commencing Transport>-

-<Transport Complete>-

- - - - -

Andrew Seal stood up, groggy from the transport. He quickly looked around, immediately scanning the area for hostiles as he had been taught since he was young, and reaching for his communicator.

"Seal to Order Command."

"This is Command. What is your status?

"I have arrived, apparently, in Paragon City. I am somewhat weakened from the transport, it may take me some time to regain my strength."

Acknowledged. Your immediate orders are to assist the Heroes of Earth while gathering information on the Rikti invasion. The Rikti must be stopped at all costs."

"Understood. Will contact and advise of situation when needed. Seal out."

He placed the communicator away once more. Well, this is it., he thought to himself. It was a planned long term assignment. Better get comfortable.