The origins of CURS3D K40S




Born to wealthy and affluent parents, Kerry Langston led a very privileged life. From nursery school to college he had the fortune of attending the best schools money could buy. The son of a Senator, Kerry grew up accustomed to only the best in life. Early in his life he was diagnosed as a gifted child. Academic studies were a breeze for Kerry. Perhaps due to this lack of educational challenges, he eventually fell in with the wrong crowd.
By the end of high school, Kerry was partying excessively and frequenting the rougher neighbor hoods of Paragon City. A vastly different area than the sheltered, wealthy suburbs he was used to. It was then that he discovered sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. He also began running with a local street gang, where he took the nickname KAOS. graffiti and violence were his hobbies of choice. On numerous occasions Kerry's father, Randall Langston, had to use his influence to keep his son out of jail. Hoping to reform him, Kerry was sent to a boarding school, St. Augustus Prime. Here he seemed to turn his life around for the better. However this was not to last.
After graduation, Kerry spent the summer in Washington D.C. Interning for a friend of his fathers before venturing off to college. That fall he attended Paramor University, an elite ivy league school. By the end of his second year, not even daddy's money could keep him enrolled at Paramor. His grades were abysmal and his attitude even worse. His father still insisted he receive a college degree, so the following fall he enrolled at Paragon University, on the outskirts of Paragon City.
Rapidly Kerry fell back into old habits. Soon he was spending thousands of dollars a month on girls and drugs. School was distant daydream compared to the non-stop party he was living. Yet even in this haze, he managed to accumulate enough credits to graduate in only 6 years. Kerry, now 26, was finally going to finish school.
A few weeks before graduation he fell badly ill and was rushed to the hospital. There he was diagnosed with a fatal illness from years of drug abuse. His mother, Angelique, was the only member of his family to visit him. Neither his father or his two younger sisters, Keira and Kendall, came to see him. Late one night lying awake in his hospital bed feeling his life slip from him a strange thing began to happen. Eerie green splotches, swirls and patterns began to appear underneath his skin. Rapidly accompanied by an unrelenting pain.
Writhing violently in his bed he vomited radioactive toxins that disintegrated parts of his jawbone. Hot nuclear powered fire coursed thru his veins. Finally erupting out of his eye sockets. The patient next to him in the hospital room was killed instantly by the force of the blast. Weak and in pain, Kerry began to crawl from the room. An orderly, alarmed by the noise, walked in on the scene. Without thinking Kerry lashed out with his mind, killing the man. By now his conscience was in a dream like state. He remembers very little about the next few days, save for the fact he awoke in an alley in one of the hazard zones of Paragon City.
Scavenging the area around him he found a recent newspaper. What he saw shocked him. The headline read “Local Senator's Son Killed in Bizarre Hospital Attack”. Frantic he felt at his aching face. Could this be? Was this strange creature he felt really him? Desperate, he sought out a mirror in a nearby abandoned building. Kerry was appalled by what he saw. Once beautiful brown hair was now bright green. The right side of his face was something from a bad horror movie, and his eyes glowed a strange shade of green. On the positive side he no longer felt the effects of the disease. But never again could he return to his home.
Looting a sporting goods store, Kerry found new clothes and accessories that hid his deformities. Next he found an abandoned loft near Kings Row. Here he set up a temporary “home”. Weeks followed as he practiced controlling the new and frightening powers that had manifested within him. Yet how could he ever face the world as a dead man? Now he needed a new identity. He was now cursed by these strange abilities. Adopting his old nickname, KAOS, he tried blend in with a local gang. But had little success. What was he to do?
Early one morning while graffitting his loft the answer came to him. Borrowing from his past and his present, CURS3D K40S was born. Kerry Langston was truly dead. Now he uses his powers to fight crime, as more a way of punishing himself than helping others. He still enjoys painting and reading, and has turned his abandoned loft into quite the artist's studio. Perhaps someday he will find the peace of mind he so desperately seeks. Until then he will suffer his fate with quiet resignation.
Recently he has formed Sanity's Edge, a supergroup. With it he hopes to find and help others like him. By leading others he hopes to find the path to salvation. The path that has eluded him for so many long years.

Mutant / Controller