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I have a character named The Living End. Some of you may know who I am, I've been in the beta for a month and did the three day head start.

The only problem I'm having with this game so far is that I've yet to find one person who will role play their character.

It's either "Let's go level!" or "Who has a mission so we can level in it and get leveled?!?!"

A game without actual character is like playing an NFL game. I don't want to just beat the other guy. I want to have a deeper meaning to it all.

Who will be MY hero?!

I'm on the Freedom server.

Anyone? *sniff*

I don't even have any real friends yet.. oh wait, that's not true.

The good doctor, Dr. Chernobyl is a good friend, but we don't RP either. And he's Swedish!

So, is anyone else having this problem? Anyone on the Freedom server that wants to RP with me?!

Let me know!



I can't honestly say I know anything at all about the community on the Freedom server, I've never played there. If you fall in with the right crew though, Virtue is doing reasonably well as the unofficial RP server. I've enjoyed RPing there as much as one could reasonably expect from a server that's not officially designated as roleplaying.

If you wind up checking out Virtue, you might try getting ahold of anyone from the Guardian Angels, or really any RP superteam. For that matter, you could look for RP superteams on Freedom and do the same. RPers usually enjoy being with other RPers, so you'll probably find a good number of RP superteams.



Hello Living End,
I'm Star Justice, I've taken up residence mostly on the Justice server. Since we have so many heros to assist the public, I'll be taking the night off to finish getting my Lab set up, and Should start patrols up again Tomorrow. Maybe I'll catch up with you, and buy you a cup of green tea, or a double mocha hazelnut expresso. Keep up the good fight.


by Star Ranger 4
WE ARE HEROES This is what we DO!
When you wake up seek the courage and strength to do the right thing.
Decide that this will be another day in which you Walk The Talk.

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I'm new to MMORPG's entirely. What do you consider Roleplay on the game? I'm rather curious what people consider Roleplay on a graphical game, since I've never done it before.

Any hints, tips, suggestions? Unspoken 'rules'?

Liberty Server



It’s basically has to do with the way you act and speak, and goes beyond just running around in a costume and attacking bad guys.

That doesn’t mean you have to stand around with your hands on your hips, puff your chest out, and speak heroically when you’re talking about anything. It’s more of picking a personality for your character (which could very well be your real-life personality) and having their mannerisms conform to that.

If you choose a personality that’s different than yours, be willing to live up with it. It’s probably a bad idea to claim to be overly courageous if you’re the first one to run every fight, for instance. So stick with characteristics you feel comfortable playing.

As for the dialogue, it’s not using thee’s and thou’s, but instead trying to find an in-game way to make a comment about a game mechanic. For example (since I just posted this elsewhere) instead of saying “nice bio!” (if you read their biography and enjoyed it enough to comment), you can try approaching it differently by saying something like “You’re SuperDude aren’t you? I’ve heard a few things about you. Quite a colorful history you have, if you believe the stories you read in the paper.”. That definitely provides another player with a springboard to launch off of and go into a role-playing conversation with you.

For some people there may be more to it than that, but it really seems simple enough to me. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where you can’t figure out a role-play way to explain something easily enough, and have to resort to talking out of character. But that’s just how things go, and anyone who gets annoyed by that is probably not someone you wanted to chat with in the first place. As long at the attempt is there, that’s good enough for most people.



Hello Living End, I think I've seen you on the streets of Freedom while delivering my packages to the fiends that terrorize our homes and parks.
I am PackageMan, Perhaps we could meet in a well populated area and talk a little.