Dr. Yi's Journal




I feel that I can finally say I am home.

Things were looking a little better in Paragon City. The ability to finally do something about the serious crime here could actually draw a smile out of me. But deep inside, I always felt it wasn't enough. To only be able to take on the occasional mugger or common thief wasn't going to make a serious dent.

Then I met my team.

It was at a park in Galaxy City when they came along into my life. We found commonality in our disdain of crime, and the desire to rid the city of it once and for all. Such colorful people, those guys, with powers I never dreamed existed. We took on several mission as deemed necessary by our respective offices, and we pummeled evil as they came our way.

What's in it for me? Knowing that my curing powers finally have a purpose. How satisfying it was to negate the horrible effects our foes unleashed upon them... to guarantee the survival of such fine people.

I do hope I get the names right: Zen-X, Flame, Candy-Striper, Hyperaeon, Vizzir, Prince ? (I knew I'd forget someone ), some Bot-X type, and a certain fellow Dr. and his wife, Isobel ( oh well ).

I guess the only thing that's missing now is a name for our curious group.

Look out crime. We're onto you.




New places and new faces. Funny how evil somehow manages to replenish itself.

The gang is back, well... most of us. Vizzer was on for a bit, but of the old gang, it was the Prince, Hyperaeon, and Flame. Add Smokin Joe, Orean, and Gravi to the mix. Zen was out there solo, no doubt adding her scrapper's lightning-like kick to her individual fray.

As I've fought with Prince, Hyper, and Flame the most, I'll go into them. Flame - she's always at the very frontline, tearing into the enemywith her flaming sword with gusto; it's something one has to see to believe! Hyper - that punch of his is a force to be reckoned with (he calls it HYPERPUNCH); if his fists are glowing, watch out! And sweet Prince - he rips into evil like the hurricane winds he wields; he says he's an archmage, thankfully against our foes.

I am settling well into my role in this mismash of... well, heroes. They batter and wail, and I keep them able to do so. Quite satisfying - taking out crime by helping my fellow teammates. The best of both worlds.

I am a healer to the heart, no ifs-ands-buts about it.

PS - And praise to the heavens that no one died today



Well, your team certainly sounds very interesting, that's for sure. A nice summary of their abilities.

However, it seems to be much more of an OOC-oriented post than an IC one. There are some RP elements, but mostly it seems to just be summarizing your game session. I think your story would be a lot more interesting if you could go into deeper detail about your character, and the characters of the rest of your team.



-<Intelligence Tag: #1>-
-<Subject: Marissa Yi>-

Note to self: Keep tabs on Dr. Yi. Excellent healer who, from initial observance, appears to be true of heart. Add to list of allies. Seek assistance from Dr. Yi with Rikti investigation.

-<End Intelligence Tag>-



Found out today that word is spreading about my special abilities. Believe me, they're anything but special. I'm just a dime a dozen in this city, doing my part like everyone else. Still, it is nice to be noticed.

Learned a very valuable lesson - discretion, in the long run, can be a life saver. I've never been one to run from a fight, especially when my team is counting on me. In a temp alliance, three fellow heroes (Andrew Seal, Venge, and Blacktalon) and I took on forces deep in the caves. At one point, we got ourselves in deep, and were way in over our heads. Eventually, the superior firepoewr arrayed against us took its toll. Blackie went first... as for the other two, I can't recall the order of defeat.

I plunged into the melee, intent on trying to pull them out with my limited firepower. "To h*%l with this!" my mind screamed. They need me! Then out of the darkness, a one of the surviving teammembers called to me.

"Doc! Can you rez yourself?!"

"No!' I answered truthfully. And at that point, I could care less - I had to help them!

His reply hit me like a thunderclap. "THEN RUN!!!"

It took a moment to register, but I realized that the order was completely in the interests of the team. If I was dead, how could I tend to the others when the fighting died down? I took off down the caves, doing everything I could to shake my foes until I was finally safe.

It wasn't until I returned that it all came full circle. There were my comrades, down and for the count, but fortunately not too far gone. I laid my hands on each, bringing them back from the brink. Debt notwithstanding, the damage of heeding the sage advice was zero - my team was back, and it was my heeding discretion that had saved them.

I've seriously have got to keep this in mind on future conflicts. My job is a healer, not a scapper/blaster. I've got to live the role life has given me.




Lesson #2 - Seek Balance

This is going to be one of the harder lessons to learn. Granted I gained some insight into the whole discretion thing (as previously mentioned), but putting it to practical use is an entirely different animal.

I cannot speak for the rest of my Defender brothers and sisters, but for me, there is nothing more heart-wrenching than to see the impact that a battle-gone-south has on my teammates. When I sense the life going out of multiple members far too fast for me to counter effectively, it both strikes me down with a severe sense of helplessness, and a fury that I have never before known.

This is possibly why I awoke in a hospital today. Flame, Wyngarde, Hyper, and Tony (teleportation is a great power, by the way!) and I went out to take care of some business involving the robotic kind, and it was not a pretty picture. Deep into the mission, we got mobbed in a way that was downright scary. The damage wasn't dealt upon us - it washed over us like an ocean.

I believe Wyngarde went down first (funny how details of a battle are lost upon us). I went by his side, calling for the others to draw off the enemy, which I remember saying they were. But there were too many of them. Sprockets, Cogs, Telsa Knights, some big thing I've never seen before, and a few humans - they were all over the place, and a good portion of them were overrunning my position.

I should've bolted! The Heavens know I wasn't skilled in those essential ways to survive a point-blank barroom brawl. But I couldn't bring myself to it, not with a comrade laying there, inert and helpless. Whoever it was I was trying to protect, I was going beat off the enemy, or die trying. My powers proved almost useless, sapping little energy if they hit at all. I didn't care; I was committed to fighting until either they were gone, or I was.

I hope I figure out rather soon how to strike that balance. As of last night, I was invited to join a Superhero Group (Vangard), and last thing I want to do is to disappoint. The dilemma of being an Empathy Defender...

Sometimes I wish I took up botany.




I think this journal needs a little lightening up, lest it sinks into a permanent void. What's a little uplifting that I can write about?

Perhaps going a little into the 'terrible trio' (as I call them) is in order. Of course this is in reference to Prince Wyngarde, Flame, and Hyperaeon, the best heroes I have had the pleasure of fighting alongside (it's helps fighting with someone enough to get to know them, yes?). Smart, battle-savvy, and humorous all in the same package, times three = several long hours of justice-seeking fun.

Flame - When it comes to a no-nonsense approach to the occupation of superhero, Flame reigns supreme. Decked out in red and gold with long golden hair to match, this is one woman whom I seriously admire for sheer tenacity and ferocity in battle. There's no beating around the bush for this girl; when she intends to fight, she charges forth like a rhino, locks on to her foe like a pit bull, and DOESN'T let go until one of them is dead. It is not uncommon to see Flame jump into the thickest concentration of villians from the onset of the battle, seriously outnumbered and not caring one bit. I have to say that she commands the greatest amount of my attention (healing-wise) in a fight, which she rightly deserves for her unwaivering courage.

HyperAeon -
Hype, as I call him, is our artillery piece, laying forth devastating attacks that can take down even the largest of foes. A silver cross between the Greek messenger Mercury and Atlas himself, he is an imposing sight, and a very capable fighter. One moment, he is knocking the enemy down with a concentrated energy blast from a distance, the next he is right in their faces, sending them flying clear across the street with an thunderous punch. But for all of his might, Hype is also the funniest man I have ever met, always there with a quip or a joke. His favorite icebreaker is to proclaim how much he loves his powers just after sending some poor villian sprawling with them (HYPERPUNCH is his favorite). He truly loves what he does.

Prince Wyngarde -
Rightly so or just self-proclaimed, Wyngarde is something of royalty to me. He has an aura about himself - a sort of quiet authority if you will - that just seems to suit him. It is never said, but having him in the lead just feels right as he is always on the lookout for the rest of us, issuing tactics, instructions, or warnings that get us through the day. Dark blue and black describe his colors of choice, which is fairly ironic considering the damage he is capable of bringing upon any individual that does wrong by him. My favorite power of his is when he summons hurricane force gale winds - one moment, the enemy us charging us, the next... well, THEY'RE NOT!

If these three are representative of what evil is up against (and from what I've seen in all the other heroes I've come across, they are), then evil is going to have a seriously bad day. Things just might be looking up for the citizens of Paragon City.





These entries are supposedly taken from the personal journal of my character, Dr. Marissa Yi. Just how I decided to roleplay it as to not give away any of the storyline for new players. Hope you enjoy it.




Took last night off! I needed the rest, and needed to separate myself from all the chaos out in Paragon. So I spent the evening with the kids at Chiron Medical Center. I do miss the pediatrics unit there, and the doctors on staff were kind enough to let me make a couple of rounds. Thankfully, all patients are fairly well there - I don't want to be tempted to use my powers in there; that's what the doctors are for.

Returned to my crime-fighting role today, and found out something new. I was getting coffee, and as I was turning to the cupboard to get a mug... THE THING JUST SUDDENLY APPEARED IN MY HAND. After getting over the initial shock, I gave it a more concentrated second attempt, thinking about the TV remote while still in the kitchen...

POOF! Remote!

Teleportation. Of all the ways my powers could develop, that was the last way I'd ever think about. Still, as I would find out later that morning, it has immense tactical advantages for my role...

1). I can pull back and setup a triage area for fallen comrades from afar, out of harm's way where I can perfrom my duties uninterrupted.

2). If I sense a teammate is in serious trouble, I can wisk him/her out of danger before it's too late.

Thinking of more ways that I can make this thing work for all involved. There's got to be countless applications for teleportation in combat. Then again... maybe I'm getting to far ahead of myself - master the basics first, Doc.

Speaking of this morning, who knew that loving couples existing as superhero teams were more common than scarce! It's a great concept, fighting side-by-side with a fiancee/wife/lover/etc. I thought that Dr. Pascual and Isobel were the exception to the rule... apparently, I was wrong.


PS - One last thing: note to self - Flame is actually FLARE!



Fascinating, Dr. Yi... I'm gald you published these journals for all to read. Perhaps I'll look you up one day and buy you a drink. The Sly Fox can always use the gentle touch of a healer...



It's been a little while. Sum things up - old powers are stonger, and new ones are coming quite frequently (although not as when I first obtained them). The latest and greatest is the ability to hover. I'm not exactly the fasting thing off the ground, but it sure can be a time saver, especially in such city zones as Steel Canyon.

A lot of my time has been spent in Perez Park; there's certainly a lot of strange stuff going on in there. As many can already attest to, it's not for the faint of heart. Even for the experienced hands, it can get pretty hairy. Someone should seriously consider zoning off that area for good - caving in every possible entrance would be a good start.

Things like that get me wondering. As much as I improve... heck, as much as we all improve, the fight we face gets tougher and tougher. So much evil out there! Like the stars in the nightsky, it is endless, and I lost count a long time ago. There are honestly times when - quietly retrospecting in the company of my team during the calm between the storms - I think that it's all hopeless. Nothing I do matters! Maybe we're all kidding ourselves.

Then I hear the cries for help in the darkness. Looking over my shoulder, I see the massive forms of the statues in Atlas Park, giant silent sentinels gleaming in the gloom. Put there to remind us all of the sacrifice of a select few for the betterment of Paragon.

Then I remember just how wonderful this city can sometimes be... when evil isn't happening to infringe on that particular moment. And it was the sacrifice of heroes like me that made that little moment possible.

I've got a job to do. Quitting time is when the battle has been won.




With so many people trying to make a difference in Paragon City, you're bound to run into one of those types that really makes an impression. Whether it's in their character or in their appearance, some just really imprint themselves on your mind, whether you want them to or not.

Enter The Hater, and it's all appearance baby... as he might say. You hear stories from your mother about the good old days, when hot pants were the thing and the afros could save a baby being dropped from a ten story building. Hater either is a fan of the 70s, or just really has no fashion-sense whatsoever. Replete in felt hot-pink pants, felt hot-pink jacket, and a hot-pink broad-brimmed felt hat, this gun-wielding 'brotha' (self-proclaimed) is a sight to behold!

Apparently, our foes might be thinking the same thing. When the fighting erupts, Hater has a pinnache for becoming a magnet for incoming fire. I can't say it's entirely surprising - his outfit can be seen for miles away in the darkest of nights; a person is going to fire at whatever he or she sees, right? He's never right on the frontlines (a testament to his knowledge of his limitations), but he takes more punishment per second than a pure scrapper ever does.

As silly a sight as he is, Hater is still 'da man'. In his self-customized weaponry, he blows back the opposition with a vengeance, grenades a flying all over the place. Even with his health waning, he never backs off unless told; even then, he's most likely is to be laying the cover fire for the group. And that sense of humor he possesses never goes away, even as he's lying there battered and bruised, hanging onto a thread as I tend to his injuries.

Kudos to The Hater!




((Kudos to you Dr Yi for sharing your journal with us. Very well done.))



Reading the journal of Dr. Marissa Yi, I am troubled ( ) by the use of so many emoticons. One has to wonder if the good Doctor has unresolved issues of expression.

Professor PoopyPants ( )



Faultline... No citizen of Paragon does not know the story of the devastating quake that all but leveled this zone, but not many have actually set foot in it. Of course, the current restriction set forth by the government on any travel to that region does have quite a bit to do with it.

It is a sad sight to say the least. Tremendous skyscrapers lean at alarming angles, knocked completely off their foundations. The ground is wide open from the cracks and fissures caused by the powerful quake of so long ago. I read that the area was so unstable that there was never a question of going in and rebuilding the zone, or even salvaging anything from it. The land looks as unstable as was described.

Maybe the technology now exists to reclaim this area, if the criminal activity wasn't so high. The low-lifes of Paragon, plus a sizable contingent of the strange and unexplained, has all but inherited Faultline, making the mere notion of venturing into the area sheer suicide.

My good friends and I have gone there several times now for a variety of reasons. But no matter how much I see the ruins of a fine area, I cannot get used to it. Who could?