Origin and descendant of a familiar character




Heres my characters brief, history. let me know what you think?

Akira Hayabusa

Born into the famed hayabusa clan and son to Ryu Hayabusa. Akira although trained in the Arts of Ninjitsu, accidentally received Magical powers, increasing his physical attributes beyond that of the average man. Many years ago, when Akira was a very young boy, already several years into his training, Ryu, Akira’s father and his Grandfather Joe hayabusa were summoned by a distant clan to assist them in a battle against dark forces. Upon their departure Amino Icu, was left in charge. Akira always felt different and unsure of Amino’s place in the clan, as did Amino have contempt for Akira, knowing that he was next in line to lead the famed clan, and hold the dragon sword. Amino always felt, although he did not have the blood of hayabusa flowing through his body, that he should have been the next to lead the clan. Before his departure Ryu, stressed to Amino, that his primary mission, was to protect the Magical “Ryuken “ Sword from falling into the wrong hands, while he and Joe were away.
Several weeks passed since Akira last saw his father, and the Village began to grow dreary for Akira, since his Father solely provided his training. Without any training Akira began to wonder aimlessly through out the village and had desire to explore the nature and lush environment, which surrounded the little village.
Going against his father’s wishes Akira wondered outside of the Village. After wandering several miles outside of the village, Akira stumbled across an old structure, which he previously had never seen on his ventures out of the village under supervision. Unaware of the structure’s current or previous use, he decided to explore it. Upon entering the structure, Akira began to hear a familiar voice, and attempted to follow the voice to its possessor. After some time, the voice lead him to a large hall, a hall lined with many statues that towered far above Akira, and below them were countless lines of smaller statues, made up of several types of armor and weapons. The statues seemed to represent warriors, perhaps of the past. In the center of the hall were many benches of stone, which seemed to be aligned as if in a church. In front of these benches stood a large stone slab, its purpose unknown, and there he found the owner of the voice he had been hearing throughout the structure! It was none other than Amino, and to Akira’s surprise he was holding the Ryuken! He was kneeling before the slab, holding the sword and chanting in an unknown tongue. Akira hid in the rear, behind a bench unaware of the events ongoing, and watched with curiosity. As Amino chanted the sword began to glow a bright, nearly blinding yellow. Akira, struggling to see through the light continued to watch, and unknown to Amino. After several chants a, blurry figure, almost that of a ghost began to appear on the slab, with fear and curiosity running through his body, Akira, began to realize what Amino was attempting to do! He was attempting to use the Dark Ryuken sword to summon some perhaps warrior or god from the dead. Only minutes had passed, and the figure began to form, nearly into a full physical form. The fear in Akira began to overwhelm his curiosity and he panicked, he thought best to run and make others aware of Aminos actions, however in his attempt to flea hall he stumbled and ran into one of the small warrior statues, causing a large clanging which rang out throughout the hall.
Stunned by the noise ringing out in the hall, Amino stopped his chanting, dropped the sword and stood to look around for the source of the noise. He looked to the rear and saw, Akira. He seemed both angered and pleased to see Akira, perhaps because he realized he could cut the Hayabusa lines by eliminating Akira right there and then. Amino was not going to waste this opportunity, so with his back to the slab he reached down to retrieve the sword, however to his surprise it was gone. Amino quickly looked into the eyes of Akira, and saw a fear in his eyes you could not imagine in your worse nightmares, but it was not for Amino it was for the beast he had summoned. Because of the interruption Akira caused, Amino was unable to complete the summoning and the beast was not to its complete form. Amino turned to see what he had created and saw the beast, hid stood over ten feet tall, in somewhat of a human form, but mutated, in a dark red skin, large horns and spikes poking out from its tough skin, but the most noticeable feature, was its bright yellow eyes. They seemed to glow, similar to that of the sword, the sword that was now in the beast’s hand. In a large roar, and without hesitating, in one swift slice it separated Amino’s head from his body. The beast seemed to be pleasured, until he saw Akira! In one large leap, he flew across the large hall, and was standing over Akira. He began snarling and drooling, over top of him, almost as if he was bating him into an action, but Akira did not move, showed no emotion and this surprised the beast. It stood back and looked at Akira, with curiosity. Akira decided to take this opportunity to maybe flea, so he did. He stood slowly to not surprise the beast and then slowly turned and began to run, but before he could take 2 steps, he was frozen. Akira could not move and he began to levitate, as if the beast had a control over his every move. The beast pulled him closer, and Akira began to feel and burning sension within his body and began to blackout. Then suddenly he heard loud screams of battle, it was Joe and Ryu, who returned from their venture. Before he could see the battle, which was about to ensue, Akira lost consciousness.
One week late, Akira finally woke from his long slumber. Lying in his bed he opened his eyes and his fathered who was sitting beside him, jumped away from Akira in amazement. Akira’s eyes, which were once a deep brown, now glowed a bright yellow, perhaps one of the many effects received from the beast. After the initial surprise, Ryu went on to tell Akira, of the events which occurred. Amino, who wished to achieve control of the clan and village, provided a false invitation of assistance from a distant clan to Ryu & Joe, in order to get them out of the village. He then was attempting to summon an evil warrior which was banished from the clan centuries ago, a warrior which he could use to attain control of the clan, that is until Akira had interrupted the summoning, and caused the warrior to betray, Amino, for not completing the ceremony. Akira also asked Ryu, “What became of the beast”, Ryu responded,” You need not worry, it has been returned to where it came from, not to return ”.
After several months of rest, Akira returned to his young energetic self. He was different now though. The only immediate & noticeable changes, were his glowing eyes, however upon returning to training Akira realized his physical attributes, had been enhanced, perhaps the effects of the beast. His strength, speed and physical reflexes had increased beyond comprehension. It was unsure, what the beast was attempting to do with Akira, however Joe thought that perhaps the beast felt strength inside of Akira, and was attempting to merge himself with Akira, in order to complete his form, but none are really sure. Only the effects of the event are really a known.
These powers are the reason for Akira coming to Paragon City. You see after the event, many others felt ill feelings; contempt and some even maintained fear of Akira. Many thought the beast would re-emerge through him, many other young warriors felt jealous of Akira, and many had claimed they would not follow him once his time lead had the clan came. His new talents also lead to constant squabbling in the village and it began to separate the clan. After a lot of thought Akira, thought it be best for the unity and preservation of the clan that he leave the village. Perhaps if he left he would be able to find others who would appreciate his powers, or somewhere he could use his powers without being persecuted. His Father would not stop him, saying every warrior must find his own path, but made sure that Akira, was aware, his true home will always be with the Hayabusa Clan. So to Paragon city Akira went to use his powers for the for the good of mankind!!



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