Enter Parallax






Technology Scrapper

Power Pools:
Martial Arts/Reflexes

Special Crime Unit - Parallax was developed by the Paragon Institute of Cybernetic Sciences (PICS) in partnership with Crey Industries as a prototype for the Paragon City Defense initiative, "Operation Invasion Shield". "Operation Invasion Shield" or OIS as is it commonly referenced, is the ongoing defense program to deter the Rikti Invasion Forces if, and when they next appear.

Paragon City Administration at the time of last Rikti Invasion felt that with the proper resources and research they could mass-produce a Special Police Force of highly advanced mechanical agents called "SCU". Enter Parallax. Parallax was the first of its kind; a fully aware, cybernetic being which possessed a combat knowledge data-center encompassing thousands of years of historical data. Parallax was an overwhelming success for the PICS and Crey Industries, as Paragon City Officials quickly decided to mass-produce the "SCU" based upon the Parallax prototype.

All was well in the world. The "SCU" were 4 months away from reaching economic feasibility, and Parallax was continuing "his" training regiment, taking a particular liking to the ancient martial arts. City Officials began to get nervous as rumors began to surface regarding Crey Industries and their potential misgivings. Soon it was decided that Crey would lose the contracts to mass-produce the "SCU", instead allowing private industry to share in the production under the operation of the Vanguard.

Losing its foothold in this program did not make Countess Crey pleased. Lucky for the Countess she had the scientists working for Crey store the Parallax data in an offshore data-warehouse, unknown to the Vanguard and the PICS. With her endless wealth, the Countess decided to continue developing the SCU program, but with a lesser-than-noble motive. Her plan was to secretly release the SCU into the public to do her bidding. She reengineered the SCU to be no more identifiable than any other normal citizen. That is, until the Crey R&D databases were hacked by the Vanguard. The Vanguard knew there was only one way to stop the underground plot. Release Parallax.

Parallax was now in "his" third year of maturity. He was now fluent in every martial art known to man, and had even begun to advance on Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do style, calling it "Perfect Fist". The PICS and Vanguard knew that Parallax would be able to seek out the underground "SCU" threat, and ordered him to do so. So now Parallax patrols the streets of Paragon City seeking his lost brothers and taking them down with the ultimate goal of stopping Countess Crey and her army.



You realise you're using a copyrighted name, yes? Hal Jordan? Former Green Lantern? Former Crazo? Current Spectre?



Actually, I had no idea that it was a copyrighted name until a friend told me the other day. You see, Im not much into comics anymore, although I used to be. Even then my collections centered around mostly non-DC characters, and graphic novels. I hope that by providing a backstory, I can eliminate the chance that my name choice could be viewed at copyright enfringement. It was pretty much a name I chose at random.